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Must See Video: New Vaccination Program – A Must See  

Video: Measles Vaccination Kills Two Kids!


83 percent of brain injury vaccine compensation payouts were for autism caused by vaccines

Italian Court Says MMR Vaccine Causes Autism!

Abuse of Force Used on Special Needs Kids?!?

For The Record: Rockefeller Soft Kill Depopulation Plans Exposed

Vaccines: Cooking Up a Witches Brew of Death and Deceit

Vaccines ARE Germ Warfare

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Tells Truth About Government Coverup of Vaccine Dangers

Healthy 7-Year-Old Girl Dies in Her Mother's Arms After Flu Shot

Myth Busted: Vaccinations Are Not Immunizations

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    1. The United Nations to Usurp Parental Control

      Mercenary Troops Begin Take0ver of American Towns

      Michael Farris – United Nation’s Convention on Rights of a Child Material

      - Obama May Revive Anti-family UN Child Treaty

      Senate to VOTE on Parental Rights (UN Treaty…) – Video

If you think this is bad now… wait until ObamaCare kicks in…

More Doctors 'Fire' Vaccine Refusers

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