Monday, June 18, 2012

Keeping Dad Alive

My eighty-eight year old dad is in Florida seeing different doctors every week. It costs a ton to keep him alive. In the past our country didn’t measure the price of life. He was ipso facto worth it. The doctors wanted to keep my dad alive so that they could keep making money off their cures. Good. Let them profit by keeping him alive. I profit too.

The Democrats pretend the Affordable HealthCare Act has no death rationing panels. But death is built into the system. Doctors have no incentive in curing the infirm. Extensive care depletes their finances. They would rather cure the less costly. Let the old go; they’re going anyway. Our health becomes an accounting matter.

Whenever healthcare becomes nationalized there is no incentive for doctors to keep us alive. There is a pool of money and the doctors want to use it on the cheapest cures. They want to ration it. It’s only natural considering that the doctors do not profit from keeping the patient alive but keep more money in the pot by letting the really ill ones go.

I’d rather have a system where private doctors can profit from keeping me alive. Life was once important in this country. Before the Democrats took a left turn and threw us off the cliff of social justice. We dumped the aged in a pile of aborted babies who were too inconvenient to raise.

Give me a good old fashioned doctor to overcharge my dad but keep him alive. Don’t let Obama care come in and decide that he’s not worth it. Obama is Dr. Death, pointing his angry finger at us.

David Lawrence – TPN

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