Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Judge Napolitano Predicts That the Supreme Court Will ‘Strike Down’ Obamacare

Supreme Court Ruling on ObamaCare Expected as Early as Thursday 6/21 or Next Monday 6/25

by Happening Now

Judge Napolitano

Earlier on Happening Now, Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed the two big decisions we are waiting for from the Supreme Court: one decision on President Obama’s health care law, particularly the individual mandate, and the other decision on the challenge over Arizona’s immigration law, which would require that anyone stopped by police prove their immigration status

Napolitano thinks the Supreme Court is going to strike down Obamacare, saying, “It directly extends the power of the Congress beyond anything contemplated by the Constitution.” He believes we will know the answer to this question soon.

“Either this will be a monumental decision that will restrain the Congress from interfering in the personal lives of individuals or it will be a dud, and it will basically say that Congress can write any law that it wants, regulate any behavior that it wants, tax any event that it wants and call it a fine or call it a tax, depending upon how it wants it,” he said.

Napolitano expects the court to restrain the Congress and set guidelines about just how far Congress can go.

In discussing the Arizona law requiring enforcement officers to check the immigration status of any person or persons pulled over, he said, “The president has added a very complicated gloss to that by the decision that he announced last Friday when he, on his own, re-wrote immigration regulations.”

Napolitano said that if the Supreme Court upholds the Arizona law, he foresees it’ll be extremely complex. “Which federal law will they enforce: The laws written by the Congress or the laws re-written by the president?,” Napolitano asked.

Hear what else Napolitano had to say here: Video

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