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15 Shocking Exercise Facts

What do dark chocolate, casual Fridays, and graduating from high school have in common? According to research, they all improve your workout. Anneli Rufus on the secrets to good exercise.

1. People who exercise as little as 15 minutes a day have a 14 percent lower mortality risk than people who don't exercise at all.
That statistic covers all causes of death, which translates at age 30 to a three-year increase in life expectancy. When it comes to cancer, those who work out 15 minutes daily are 10 percent less likely to die of it than those who don't exercise at all. Every additional 15 minutes of daily exercise reduces the all-cause mortality risk by another 4 percent and the cancer mortality risk by another 1 percent. "The best thing to do is to not get obese in the first place,"Biggest Loser contestant Phil Parham, who co-authored The 90-Day Fitness Challenge with his wife and co-contestant, Amy Parham, tells The Daily Beast. "Once you've been big and you lose weight, your body always wants to regain that weight, so you're continuing to fight all your life."

C. P. Wen et al., "Minimum Amount of Physical Activity for Reduced Mortality and Extended Life Expectancy." The Lancet, 2011, doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(11)60749-6.

2. Exercisers can improve their performance by as much as 50 percent if they eat dark chocolate regularly.
At least they can if they're mice. Researchers fed mice the flavonol epicatechin, a key ingredient in dark chocolate, then put them through two weeks of treadmill tests and observed "an integrated response that includes structural and metabolic changes in skeletal and cardiac muscles resulting in greater endurance capacity."

Leonardo Nogueira et al., "Epicatechin Enhances Fatigue Resistance and Oxidative Capacity in Mouse Muscle." Journal of Physiology, 2011, doi: 10.1113/jphysiol.2011.20992.

3. Men who exercise vigorously are only one third as likely to experience erectile dysfunction as men who exercise very little or not at all.
According to the study that yielded this stat, men whose workout routines are the equivalent of running at least three hours a week or playing singles tennis at least five hours a week have a 30 percent lower ED risk than men who exercise very little or not at all. Ready, set, go.

Constance G. Bacon et al., "Sexual Function in Men Older Than 50 Years of Age." Annals of Internal Medicine, 2003, 139 (3), 161-168.

4. Depressed people can alleviate their symptoms by as much as 47 percent with regular aerobic exercise.
In one study, a group of depressed people who performed moderately intense aerobic exercises at least three times a week "experienced a decline in depressive symptoms by an average of 47 percent after 12 weeks." Another group of depressed people performed low-intensity aerobics at least three times weekly; their symptoms improved by 30 percent. "Exercise isn't just about working off energy. It's about turning on the brain," says Harvard psychiatry professor John Ratey, author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. With regular exercise, "people become much more emotionally regulated, and their cognitive abilities are much better."

Andrea Dunn et al., "Exercise Treatment for Depression." American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2005, 28 (1), 1-8.

5. Three times as many college graduates as high-school dropouts exercise regularly.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 39 percent of adults with bachelor's degrees or higher engage in vigorous leisure-time physical activity three or more times a week, compared with 13 percent of adults with less than a high-school diploma. According to the same survey, 79 percent of high-school dropouts never engage in periods of vigorous leisure-time physical activity, compared with 41 percent of college grads.

J. R. Pleis et al., "Summary Health Statistics for US Adults: National Health Interview Survey, 2009." Conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/National Center for Health Statistics, 2010, 10 (249).


Ben Welsh / Corbis

6. Exercisers can improve their performance by as much as 15 percent if they listen to music while working out.
In one study, treadmill walkers moving in time with music felt 15 percent more energetic—and less eager to get off the machine—than treadmill walkers who were not listening to music. According to the sports psychologists who produced this stat, "Music listening can be an effective dissociation strategy, reducing perceptions of effort and fatigue by up to 12 percent." Dancing makes moving in time with music into more of a party and less of a chore. "In some ways, dancing is the best exercise—it's really aerobic," Ratey says.

7. Waiters and waitresses walk twice as much as lawyers and police officers do on an average working day.
But servers walk only about half as much on an average working day as mail carriers, and about 75 percent as much as janitors. According to researchers with the American Council on Exercise, who highly recommend the use of pedometers, mail carriers walk about eight miles per day, janitors walk just over five, restaurant servers walk four, and cops and lawyers walk about two. According to the ACE study, secretaries walk the least, at 1.7 miles.

John Porcari and Reem Ekhwan, "Do You Do 10K a Day?" American Council on Exercise, Fitness Matters, 2007, 12 (4).

8. Six percent more men than women exercise regularly.
And women are bigger couch potatoes than men. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 60 percent of women in the United States "never engage in periods of vigorous leisure-time physical activity lasting ten minutes or more per week." For men, that figure is 50 percent. Who in the United States does engage in at least 10 minutes of vigorous leisure-time activity per week? Only 31 percent of men and 25 percent of women.

J. R. Pleis et al., "Summary Health Statistics for US Adults: National Health Interview Survey, 2009." Conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/National Center for Health Statistics, 2010, 10 (249).

9. Workers increase their physical activity by 8 percent and burn 25 more calories on casual-clothing workdays than on workdays when they wear regular office attire.
Who needs suits? "Wearing casual clothing every day for 50 weeks of work would translate into burning an additional 125 calories per week or 6,250 calories per year—the equivalent of almost two pounds," write the authors of the study that yielded this stat.

John Porcari and Reem Ekhwan, "Do You Do 10K a Day?" American Council on Exercise, Fitness Matters, 2007, 12 (4).

10. People who want to quit smoking are twice as likely to succeed in quitting if they lift weights than if they don't lift weights.
In the study that yielded this stat, one group of struggling-to-stop smokers engaged in two hours of weight training per week. Another group didn't exercise, but watched health-related videos instead. Twelve weeks later, 16 percent of the weightlifters had quit smoking. They had also lost weight. Only 8 percent of the nonlifters had quit smoking, and all 8 percent had gained weight. Resistance training is key, says Parham: "Strength training builds muscle, which burns calories and knocks the weight off. Whatever you're doing, do it more."

Joseph Ciccolo et al., "Resistance Training as an Aid to Standard Smoking Cessation Treatment: A Pilot Study." Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 2011, 13 (8), 756-760.

11. Avid swimmers have a 50 percent lower mortality rate than runners, walkers, and people who don't exercise at all.
Researchers at the University of South Carolina's Arnold School of Public Health evaluated data spanning 32 years and involving more than 80,000 participants in the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study. They found that swimming lowers the mortality rate—in men, at least—by about 50 percent. The fact that the nonprofit National Swimming Pool Foundation partly funded this project may or may not be irrelevant.

Steven Blair et al., "Does Regular Swimming Reduce Your Risk of Dying?" Paper presented at the 2008 World Aquatic Conference in Colorado Springs, Colo.

12. Astronauts lost 15 percent of muscle mass and 30 percent of muscle performance during six months at the International Space Station, despite their aerobics-focused exercise regimen.
This striking decrease in fitness—along with 30 percent bone-strength loss in some astronauts—is spurring NASA to boost resistance training in space-station workout routines. "While on the ISS, crewmembers had access to a running treadmill, cycle ergometer, and resistance exercise device," write the authors of this study. "Future long-duration space missions should modify the current ISS exercise prescription and/or hardware to better preserve human skeletal muscle mass and function, thereby reducing the risk imposed to crewmembers."

Scott Trappe et al., "Exercise in Space: Human Skeletal Muscle After Six Months Aboard the International Space Station." Journal of Applied Physiology, 2009, 106 (4), 1159-68.

13. Teens who exercise are 36 percent less likely to develop brain tumors than teens who don't.
Cancer researchers investigating the type of brain tumor known as the glioma found that the risk of developing these is 36 percent lower among people who were physically active during ages 15 to 18 than among people who were physically inactive during those years. The same study found that people who are obese at age 18 are four times as likely to develop gliomas as people who are not obese at 18.

e 3 of 3)

Steven C. Moore et al., "Height, Body Mass Index, and Physical Activity in Relation to Glioma Risk." Cancer Research, 2009, 69 (21), 8349-55.

14. White Americans exercise 16 percent more than Hispanic Americans and 10 percent more than African-Americans.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "51 percent of non-Hispanic white adults never engage in periods of vigorous leisure-time physical activity, compared with 61 percent of non-Hispanic black adults and 67 percent of Hispanic adults."

J. R. Pleis et al., "Summary Health Statistics for US Adults: National Health Interview Survey, 2009." Conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/National Center for Health Statistics, 2010, 10 (249).

15. Runners who stretch before running burn 5 percent fewer calories than runners who don't stretch.
Contrary to what trainers have told us for decades, pre-run stretching isn't helpful, according to one recent study, which also found that nonstretchers ran 3.4 percent farther than stretchers. "Stretching appears to acutely decrease muscle-force production capacity," its authors write, citing decreased leg-press performance, vertical jumping height, knee-extensor concentric torque, and maximum plantar flexion torque, which "remained depressed even 60 minutes after the stretching routine."

Jacob M. Wilson et al., "Effects of Static Stretching on Energy Cost and Running Endurance Performance." Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 2010, 24 (9), 2274-2279.

Source:  The Daily Beast

Anneli Rufus is the author of many books, including Party of One: The Loners' Manifesto and the Nautilus Award-winning Stuck: Why We Don't (or Won't) Move On, and the coauthor of still more, including Weird Europe and The Scavengers' Manifesto. Her books have been translated into numerous languages, including Chinese and Latvian.

In 2006, she won a Society of Professional Journalists award for criticism.

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George Soros Creates Comic Book: Methadone Man and Buprenorphine Babe

I guess now that billionaire “philanthropist” George Soros ditched his Quantum Fund, he has succumbed to a severe case of boredom anxiety, as his latest venture is creating a new comic book entitled “Methadone Man and Buprenorphine Babe.”

But hey, at least it has a positive message, as it encourages drug addicts to use Methadone and Buprenorphine to help control heroin and other opiate drug withdrawals.  Oh, and even to combat HIV.

The Blaze explains why Methadone and Buprenorphine are not necessarily great alternatives:

The drugs Methadone and Buprenorphine are of course used to treat addictions to heroin and other opioids, however, the two drugs are also highly addictive and bring with them a laundry list of side effects. Many people who go on Methadone maintenance to treat their heroin addiction merely end up substituting one addiction for another.  This is why the use of Methadone and Buprenorphine are hotly contested by both anti-drug advocates and members of the medical community.

In the comic, Methadone Man – being the superhero – launches a crusade against the “War on Drugs,” while hawking Methadone as an effective tool for treating drug attention and preventing HIV from spreading.  “Methadone stops HIV in its tracks!” proclaims Methadone Man.  “Buprenorphine each day keeps injection away!” adds his smokin’ hot sidekick, “Bupe Babe.”  You simply cannot make this stuff up.

The Fix has more:

The Open Society’s program is part of a larger effort to lower HIV infection rates among injection drug users. The recent International AIDS Conference in Vienna declared that the War on Drugs is helping to spread AIDS and called for a policy overhaul. The Vienna Declaration was signed by thousands of people worldwide, including the Nobel-laureate co-discoverer of the HIV virus and other prominent health-policy figures. President Obama’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief also reportedly endorses MAT and harm-reduction strategies. A raft of methadone treatment programs were recently initiated in countries including Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Morocco, Cambodia and Bangladesh. In countries that already have MAT programs, like Georgia, Kyrgyszstan and Indonesia, IV addicts face prohibitively long waiting lists.

The Open Society’s five-point harm reduction approach to reducing HIV infection also includes increasing needle exchanges, legal reform to end the focus on criminalizing addicts, increasing the availability of antiretroviral treatment, and teaching addicts to take care of their sexual health.

This kind of reminds me of the Captain Israel vs. Foreskin Man comic book – just a little less graphic.

h/t to BRIAN KOENIG  – AUGUST 26, 2011

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China: Ministry Investigates Pills Made of ‘Baby Flesh’

BEIJING / CHANGCHUN - The Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that it has launched an investigation in the wake of a media report in South Korea about capsules from China – made from the flesh of dead babies - being used as stamina boosters.

Deng Haihua, spokesman of the ministry, said on Tuesday that the ministry has instructed its provincial agency in Jilin to look into the case.

Deng said China has strict management of disposal of infant and fetal remains as well as placentas.

"Any practice that handles the remains as medical waste is strictly prohibited," Deng said.

According to the country's regulations, medical institutions and their staff are prohibited from trading corpses.

The Global Times reported on Monday that SBS, one of the three major national television networks in South Korea, broadcast a documentary on Aug 6 about the appearance of capsules from China containing dead baby flesh.

According to the report, the TV program warned that some of the capsules were taken by Koreans.

The television team claimed to have been to China, found the hospital that sold the materials,and taken video of the manufacturing process.

It quoted insiders saying the "tonic" capsules are mainly sent to South Korea through members of the Korean ethnic group in China.

The ethnic group mainly inhabits Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces.

A test from the national customs office and institute of scientific investigation in South Korea showed the content of the pills received by the television team was 99.7 percent identical with humans, the program said.

It was not reported which hospital or city in China the team visited.

Phone calls to Customs in Jilin went unanswered on Tuesday.

A professor at the Third Hospital of Jilin University said he has never heard of such cases in his two-decade career.

"It's hard to comment, because it looks like a rumor," said the professor, surnamed Zhang. "This is impossible from my professional judgment."

Three traditional Chinese medicine experts and obstetrics doctors in Beijing and Shanghai contacted by China Daily said they have never heard of such cases and it seemed senseless.

It has long been a folk tradition to eat placentas in China. Placentas are believed to make up sperm and support the sufficiency of blood in traditional Chinese medicine.

In China, placentas belong to mothers of newborns. Medical institutions will handle a placenta if a mother gives it up or donates it. Nobody is allowed to sell or buy placentas according to the regulation from the Ministry of Health.

China Daily  -  (China Daily 08/10/2011 page 3)

For China to investigate this there must be something to it and they must be getting a lot of pressure from somewhere!!


Chinese Company Reportedly Selling Stamina Pills Made of Human Fetuses – Updated

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Obama appoints Monsanto's vice president Michael Taylor as senior adviser to the commissioner at the FDA...

Who Owns Obama and FDA... None Other Than Monsanto!


Obama appoints Monsanto's vice president Michael Taylor as senior adviser to the commissioner at the FDA... Folks, it just keeps getting more insane... ~ Jeffrey Smith

Michael Taylor was just appointed senior adviser to the commissioner of the FDA!

This is the same man that was in charge of FDA policy when GMO's were allowed into the US food supply without undergoing a single test to determine their safety.

He "had been Monsanto's attorney before becoming policy chief at the FDA [and then] he became Monsanto's Vice President and chief lobbyist. This month [he] became the senior adviser to the commissioner of the FDA.

He is now America's food safety czar! This is no joke."
The person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history has just been made the US food safety czar. This is no joke.

Here's the back story.

When FDA scientists were asked to weigh in on what was to become the most radical and potentially dangerous change in our food supply -- the introduction of genetically modified (GM) foods -- secret documents now reveal that the experts were very concerned.

Memo after memo described toxins, new diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and hard-to-detect allergens. They were adamant that the technology carried "serious health hazards," and required careful, long-term research, including human studies, before any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) could be safely released into the food supply.

But the biotech industry had rigged the game so that neither science nor scientists would stand in their way. They had placed their own man in charge of FDA policy and he wasn't going to be swayed by feeble arguments related to food safety. No, he was going to do what corporations had done for decades to get past these types of pesky concerns. He was going to lie.

Dangerous Food Safety Lies...

When the FDA was constructing their GMO policy in 1991-2, their scientists were clear that gene-sliced foods were significantly different and could lead to "different risks" than conventional foods. But official policy declared the opposite, claiming that the FDA knew nothing of significant differences, and declared GMOs substantially equivalent.

This fiction became the rationale for allowing GM foods on the market without any required safety studies whatsoever! The determination of whether GM foods were safe to eat was placed entirely in the hands of the companies that made them -- companies like Monsanto, which told us that the PCBs, DDT, and Agent Orange were safe.

GMOs were rushed onto our plates in 1996. Over the next nine years, multiple chronic illnesses in the US nearly doubled -- from 7% to 13%. Allergy-related emergency room visits doubled between 1997 and 2002 while food allergies, especially among children, skyrocketed. We also witnessed a dramatic rise in asthma, autism, obesity, diabetes, digestive disorders, and certain cancers.

In January of this year, Dr. P. M. Bhargava, one of the world's top biologists, told me that after reviewing 600 scientific journals, he concluded that the GM foods in the US are largely responsible for the increase in many serious diseases.

In May, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine concluded that animal studies have demonstrated a causal relationship between GM foods and infertility, accelerated aging, dysfunctional insulin regulation, changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system, and immune problems such as asthma, allergies, and inflammation
In July, a report by eight international experts determined that the flimsy and superficial evaluations of GMOs by both regulators and GM companies "systematically overlook the side effects" and significantly underestimate "the initial signs of diseases like cancer and diseases of the hormonal, immune, nervous and reproductive systems, among others."

The Fox Guarding the Chickens...

If GMOs are indeed responsible for massive sickness and death, then the individual who oversaw the FDA policy that facilitated their introduction holds a uniquely infamous role in human history.

That person is Michael Taylor. He had been Monsanto's attorney before becoming policy chief at the FDA. Soon after, he became Monsanto's vice president and chief lobbyist.
This month Michael Taylor became the senior advisor to the commissioner of the FDA. He is now America's food safety czar. What have we done?

The Milk Man Cometh...

While Taylor was at the FDA in the early 90's, he also oversaw the policy regarding Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH/rbST) -- injected into cows to increase milk supply.
The milk from injected cows has more pus, more antibiotics, more bovine growth hormone, and most importantly, more insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 is a huge risk factor for common cancers and its high levels in this drugged milk is why so many medical organizations and hospitals have taken stands against rbGH.

A former Monsanto scientist told me that when three of his Monsanto colleagues evaluated rbGH safety and discovered the elevated IGF-1 levels, even they refused to drink any more milk -- unless it was organic and therefore untreated.

Government scientists from Canada evaluated the FDA's approval of rbGH and concluded that it was a dangerous facade. The drug was banned in Canada, as well as Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

It was approved in the US while Michael Taylor was in charge. His drugged milk might have caused a significant rise in US cancer rates. Additional published evidence also implicates rbGH in the high rate of fraternal twins in the US.

Taylor also determined that milk from injected cows did not require any special labeling. And as a gift to his future employer Monsanto, he wrote a white paper suggesting that if companies ever had the audacity to label their products as not using rbGH, they should also include a disclaimer stating that according to the FDA, there is no difference between milk from treated and untreated cows.

Taylor's disclaimer was also a lie. Monsanto's own studies and FDA scientists officially acknowledged differences in the drugged milk. No matter. Monsanto used Taylor's white paper as the basis to successfully sue dairies that labeled their products as rbGH-free.

Will Monsanto's Wolff Also Guard the Chickens?...

As consumers learned that rbGH was dangerous, they refused to buy the milk. To keep their customers, a tidal wave of companies has publicly committed to not use the drug and to label their products as such.

Monsanto tried unsuccessfully to convince the FDA and FTC to make it illegal for dairies to make rbGH-free claims, so they went to their special friend in Pennsylvania -- Dennis Wolff...

As state secretary of agriculture, Wolff unilaterally declared that labeling products rbGH-free was illegal, and that all such labels must be removed from shelves statewide. This would, of course, eliminate the label from all national brands, as they couldn't afford to create separate packaging for just one state.

Fortunately, consumer demand forced Pennsylvania's Governor Ed Rendell to step in and stop Wolff's madness. Rendell allowed Wolff to take a compromised position that now requires rbGH-free claims to also be accompanied by Taylor's FDA disclaimer on the package.
President Obama is considering Dennis Wolff for the top food safety post at the USDA. Yikes!

Rumor has it that the reason why Pennsylvania's governor is supporting Wolff's appointment is to get him out of the state -- after he "screwed up so badly" with the rbGH decision. Oh great, governor. Thanks.

Ohio Governor Gets Taylor-itus...

Ohio not only followed Pennsylvania's lead by requiring Taylor's FDA disclaimer on packaging, they went a step further. They declared that dairies must place that disclaimer on the same panel where rbGH-free claims are made, and even dictated the font size.

This would force national brands to re-design their labels and may ultimately dissuade them from making rbGH-free claims at all. The Organic Trade Association and the International Dairy Foods Association filed a lawsuit against Ohio.

Although they lost the first court battle, upon appeal, the judge ordered a mediation session that takes place today. Thousands of Ohio citizens have flooded Governor Strickland's office with urgent requests to withdraw the states anti-consumer labeling requirements.
Perhaps the governor has an ulterior motive for pushing his new rules. If he goes ahead with his labeling plans, he might end up with a top appointment in the Obama administration!

Jeffrey Smith - August 15, 2011 - posted at ConspiracyPlant

*** Jeffrey M. Smith is the author of Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating  and Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods from Chelsea Green Publishing (GMO Set). Smith worked at a GMO detection laboratory, founded the Institute for Responsible Technology, and currently lives in Iowa—surrounded by genetically modified corn and soybeans. For more information, visit Chelsea Green.

Also checkout: The World According to Monsanto: Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of the World's Food Supply

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 08/19/2011 - 5:51pm.


Fascist Control Over Our Food Supply?  The S.510 Food Safety Scam

Would you vote for a Food Bill Monsanto Supports?

Soros and Food Safety

Deal Making, Arm Twisting and Sellouts Until: Senate Unanimously Passes Food Safety Bill


Frankenfood Coming Soon to a Store Near You

Food Laws – Forcing people to globalize

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RFID Implant Law Hidden in Obummercare Implementation 2013

Just another reminder of one of those… ‘you gotta pass the ObamaCare Bill to find out what’s in it surprises’.  Thanks Pelosi, Reid and Obama!! It has been in all the versions of the bill… Implementation is just getting closer now if we don’t repeal and replace ObamaCare!!

Image via Wikipedia
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Another Hidden Secret in Obamacare: RFID Chip Implants

RFID technology is superb for inanimate objects like store inventory and shipping containers. That is not the issue. Inserting RFID chips into living human beings is insane, and should be outlawed. It is a documented fact that the chips cause bleeding oozing sores, tumors, and cancerous growths. Further, the use of RFID chip technology in living human beings is the ultimate breach of personal privacy and constitutes a heinous disregard for public health, safety, the sanctity of personal privacy and civil rights, including the freedom to move about in life without being surreptitiously surveiled.

The mere fact that I should even need to write blog posts about this issue indicates a level of approaching spiritual depravity in our culture that is horrific. The fact that there is now a more or less complete absence of public outrage over laws tacitly written into Obamacare [ using "stealth legislation" techniques ] which mandate RFID technology to be used in people, indicates that the moral compass within our elected leaders may be spinning out of control.
If the American people do not immediately begin expressing their outrage and refusal to be “RFID chipped” like barnyard animals then that is exactly what you can expect to happen by the Spring of 2013. Speak out against RFID chipping people, for your own sake, for your children’s sake, for America’s sake for God’s sake. Do it now before it is too late.

Chase Kyla Hunter


There are presently at least 64 articles and reports on Alternative News Forum pertaining to RFID Chips.

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Obama Admits Healthcare Waivers Are to Hold Back Flood of Companies Dropping Insurance

John on August 16, 2011 at 2:36 pm

This is from the President’s appearance in Decorah, Iowa. A man in the audience asks “You talk about universal healthcare…if it’s so good why are you allowing so many large companies to opt out?”

Listen carefully to the President’s answer:

Video:  President’s Speech from Decorah, Iowa

Anytime you’re changing big systems like this there’s going to be a transition period. So, the overall healthcare reform does not fully take effect until 2013. That’s when we have the exchanges set up, which means that if you don’t have health insurance or if you’re a small business that only has a few employees and you can’t get a good rate, you’re going to be able to go into the exchange and essentially be part of a big pool just like a big company or federal workers are and get a better deal from your insurance companies. But those exchanges are just now being set up. Took about couple years to get it set up.

So in the mean time the question is how do you manage that transition in a way in which a bunch of companies don’t say to themselves well we’re just going to eliminate healthcare that’s not great but it’s better than nothing. And our basic attitude has been we’re willing to give some waivers to some companies that are doing something when it comes to healthcare because those employees don’t have a better option right now but as we build up this better option then they’ll be able to take advantage of that better option. So the whole issue here has to do with how do we transition to the point where all these exchanges across the country are up and running.

All during the debate over Obamacare, Republicans argued that companies facing steeper costs would simply eliminate health care and dump people into the exchanges. Here’s how the Heritage Foundation described it earlier this year:

As it turns out, many businesses will likely dump employees into the subsidized exchanges, passing the cost of providing coverage from the business to the federal taxpayer. A company that does not offer health coverage will be able to increase its work force’s wages, with the employees receiving generous subsidies to buy insurance in the exchanges. It is a true win-win scenario (workers get higher wages and subsidized coverage while employers get drastically reduced costs for employee health insurance) if we forget about the taxpayer.

Meanwhile, progressives like those at Think Progress were busy arguing that this would not happen to any significant degree.

But President Obama just admitted that the waivers his administration has issued are an attempt to staunch the flood of companies dropping employer healthcare just until the exchanges are set up. Maybe there’s another way to parse it, but that’s how it sounds to me. Once the exchanges are set up the waivers end (already built into the law) and employees will have a “better option,” i.e. taxpayer subsidized plans.  (The ultimate goal of the Progressive left and ObamaCare is a single-payer system where they will control the money mismanage it and borrow from it as they have from Social Security and then we the sheeple will get treatment, or not, based on what is left in the kitty!)

The entire effort to promote Obamacare has been a case of deceit and misdirection by the President and his allies. As the reality of the plan draws nearer, he continues to reveal more of the reality as opposed to the carefully crafted sales pitch.

Like everything else Obama is doing… they are trying to hold the line until he is re-elected… when all Hell will break lose!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ban sought on gene-altered crops on federal land

By CHUCK BARTELS  -  Associated Press  -  Posted: Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. Three environmental groups filed a lawsuit Thursday seeking to stop the planting of genetically-modified crops on 44,000 acres of federal land in the South, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says the corn, milo and rice provide food for migrating birds along critical flyways.

The Center for Food Safety and two other groups argue that the Fish and Wildlife Service did not follow proper procedures in permitting farmers to grow on the public lands in a program that began 14 years ago. Their suit seeks an injunction that would agree that Fish and Wildlife violated rules and would order a halt to the planting.

The groups pursued two similar lawsuits in Delaware, which blocked planting of genetically-engineered crops in two wildlife refuges and, ultimately, resulted in the Fish and Wildlife Service ending the practice in its 12-state northeast region.

"Our general larger point is that the use of these crops ... promotes weeds that grow everywhere and promotes growth of different feeds that wildlife would not normally be eating," said attorney Kathryn Douglass of the Washington, D.C.-based Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, one of the groups suing.

"That is actually harmful ... changing the diet of animals that have traditionally relied on the endemic flora and fauna in the area," Douglass said.

Fish and Wildlife spokesman Tom MacKenzie disputed allegations in the lawsuit that the agency didn't adequately assess the environmental impact or allow sufficient public comment on the program. He also said the program uses carefully selected land along waterways where waterfowl and other birds migrate.

"Any farming operation is solely for the benefit of wildlife," MacKenzie said.

The federal agency allows genetically-modified crops to be planted on its lands in eight states in the South: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Altogether, the agency manages 4 million acres in the 10-state region.

A total of 23 refuges are included in the agency's planting program, with two others being considered. All 25 are listed in the lawsuit.

Arkansas has the greatest number of refuges targeted in the suit - six - and they're all in the eastern part of the state, where both farming and duck hunting are key elements of the economy.

Growers harvest about 75 percent of what they plant, leaving 25 percent on the ground for the birds to eat.

"Our farming programs use the same commercial seed stock used by farmers across America," MacKenzie said.

That usually includes seed that has been modified to resist the herbicide glyphosate, which is marketed by Monsanto Co. as Roundup.

MacKenzie said the planted acres include buffer zones, require crop rotation and other checks "to facilitate safe, consistent and sustainable" food sources for migrating waterfowl and other birds.

Douglass said genetically-engineered crops "are the last thing that should be introduced onto a national wildlife refuge." She said that if the groups are successful in ending those plantings, they may then turn their attention to ending all crop development on wildlife refuge land.

MacKenzie said using traditional seed would lead to a greater need to spray herbicides, something the genetically-altered grains don't require.

The third group suing is Washington, D.C.-based Beyond Pesticides.

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Source:  The CharlotteObserver.com

Electronic skin tattoo has medical, gaming, spy uses

This image courtesy of J. Rogers, University of Illinois shows an epidermal...

A hair-thin electronic patch that adheres to the skin like a temporary tattoo could transform medical sensing, computer gaming and even spy operations, according to a US study published Thursday.

The micro-electronics technology, called an epidermal electronic system (EES), was developed by an international team of researchers from the United States, China and Singapore, and is described in the journal Science.

"It's a technology that blurs the distinction between electronics and biology," said co-author John Rogers, a professor in materials science and engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

"Our goal was to develop an electronic technology that could integrate with the skin in a way that is mechanically and physiologically invisible to the user."

The patch could be used instead of bulky electrodes to monitor brain, heart and muscle tissue activity and when placed on the throat it allowed users to operate a voice-activated video game with better than 90 percent accuracy.

"This type of device might provide utility for those who suffer from certain diseases of the larynx," said Rogers. "It could also form the basis of a sub-vocal communication capability, suitable for covert or other uses."

The wireless device is nearly weightless and requires so little power it can fuel itself with miniature solar collectors or by picking up stray or transmitted electromagnetic radiation, the study said.

Less than 50-microns thick -- slightly thinner than a human hair -- the devices are able to adhere to the skin without glue or sticky material.

"Forces called van der Waals interactions dominate the adhesion at the molecular level, so the electronic tattoos adhere to the skin without any glues and stay in place for hours," said the study.

Northwestern University engineer Yonggang Huang said the patch was "as soft as the human skin."

Rogers and Huang have been working together on the technology for the past six years. They have already designed flexible electronics for hemispherical camera sensors and are now focused on adding battery power and other energy options.

The devices might find future uses in patients with sleep apnea, babies who need neonatal care and for making electronic bandages to help skin heal from wounds and burns.

Copyright AFP 2008, AFP stories and photos shall not be published, broadcast, rewritten for broadcast or publication or redistributed directly or indirectly in any medium

Some Christians are calling it the Mark of the Beast….  There are provisions for this type of thing in the ObamaCare legislation!

Source:  Breitbart.com

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby Screams for help during an abortion procedure! THIS VIDEO WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Video: Baby Screams for Help During an Abortion Procedure!  -  THIS VIDEO WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE


Looks like banana peels have the last laugh. Once a prop for pranks with seemingly no value after doing it’s job of protecting the mashable fruit within, researchers have found its higher calling: water purification.

Listen to the American Chemical Society (ACS) podcast to learn more and to find some other interesting uses for banana peels (25 seconds in).

As NPR reports, environmental chemist Gustavo Castro at São Paulo State University found that banana peels can help turn water polluted with heavy metals from mining operations or other activities into drinking water.

What he found was that banana peels contain nitrogen, sulfur and organic compounds such as carboxylic acids. Castro was especially pleased to find these acids because they can bind with positively charged metals that leach into rivers from industrial operations.

Not only can it do this effectively but  it cleans even better than other water purification materials, according to the paper published in ACS’ Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research journal.

These peels could be useful long after the fruit is gone. (flickr, Fernando-Stankuns)

The researchers found the minced banana peels could be used up to 11 times before losing effectiveness at removing the contaminants.

“I was surprised to learn that something so simple could work so well,” [Castro said in the podcast.] I believe that banana peels can be of great importance in water purification. Sustainability is very important.”

The scientists added that banana peels are very attractive because of their low cost and because they don’t have to be chemically modified in order to work.

Source:  the Blaze

Friday, August 12, 2011

Appeals court rules against Obama healthcare law (ObamaCare)

mandate 2

For any one who hasn’t heard… this is a critical win!!

Every GOP Candidate in the debate last night has the full repeal at or near the top of their agenda for their first day office as President of the United States.

Appeals Court Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An appeals court ruled Friday that President Barack Obama's healthcare law requiring Americans to buy healthcare insurance or face a penalty was unconstitutional, a blow to the White House.

The Appeals Court for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta, found that Congress exceeded its authority by requiring Americans to buy coverage, but also ruled that the rest of the wide-ranging law could remain in effect.

The legality of the so-called individual mandate, a cornerstone of the 2010 healthcare law, is widely expected to be decided by the Supreme Court. The Obama administration has defended the provision as constitutional.

The case stems from a challenge by 26 U.S. states which had argued the individual mandate, set to go into effect in 2014, was unconstitutional because Congress could not force Americans to buy health insurance or face the prospect of a penalty.

"This economic mandate represents a wholly novel and potentially unbounded assertion of congressional authority: the ability to compel Americans to purchase an expensive health insurance product they have elected not to buy, and to make them re-purchase that insurance product every month for their entire lives," a divided three-judge panel said.

Obama and his administration had pressed for the law to help halt the steep increases in healthcare costs and expand insurance coverage to the more than 30 million Americans who are without it.

It argued that the requirement was legal under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. One of the three judges of the appeals court panel, Stanley Marcus, agreed with the administration in dissenting from the majority opinion.

The majority "has ignored the undeniable fact that Congress' commerce power has grown exponentially over the past two centuries and is now generally accepted as having afforded Congress the authority to create rules regulating large areas of our national economy," Marcus wrote.

Many other provisions of the healthcare law are already being implemented.

The decision contrasts with one by the U.S. Appeals Court for the 6th Circuit, based in Cincinnati, which had upheld the individual mandate as constitutional. That case has already been appealed to the Supreme Court.

The Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, based in Richmond, has yet to rule on a separate challenge by the state of Virginia.

(Reporting by Jeremy Pelofsky and James Vicini; Editing by Eric Beech) 


Federal Appeals Court Rules":  Individual Mandate Is Unconstitutional

500 Billion New Reasons to Invalidate ObamaCare

Van Jones Group Uses Kid Video to Push Universal Health Care, Higher Taxes

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whoops: Just-Discovered “Error” Indicates Obamacare Will Cost Half A Trillion More

I guess this is another one of those “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” moments.

The latest cost overrun associated with ObamaCare? A $500 billion “error” associated with insuring the spouses and children of new entitlement recipients. That’s $500 billion in additional deficit spending — although it didn’t stem from an “error” so much as it was the result of a deliberate miscalculation.

As it attempted to calculate ObamaCare’s true fiscal impact, the Congressional Budget Office was explicitly instructed to ignore the cost of covering family members under new eligibility requirements for low-income private sector employees.

“The Congressional Budget Office has never done a cost-estimate of this (because) they were expressly told to do their modeling on single coverage,” researcher Richard Burkhauser told the Daily Caller this month.

Documents obtained from the Democratic-controlled Joint Committee on Taxation confirm Burkhauser’s account — and demonstrate the lengths to which Obama supporters went in an effort to hide these costs from the taxpayers.

Hey, remember when the Democrat party line was that Obamacare would reduce the budget deficit? Remember when they claimed that repealing Obamacare would add to the national debt?  … Say Anything Blog 


500 Billion New Reasons To Invalidate ObamaCare

By HOWARD RICH Posted 08/10/2011 06:52 PM ET

A few hundred billion dollars here, a few hundred billion dollars there — sooner or later we're talking about the real cost of Barack Obama's new socialized medicine monstrosity.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once said that "we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." Apparently, passing the legislation was also a prerequisite to determining its actual price tag — which as it turns out is much higher than anyone fathomed.

The latest cost overrun associated with ObamaCare? A $500 billion "error" associated with insuring the spouses and children of new entitlement recipients. That's $500 billion in additional deficit spending — although it didn't stem from an "error" so much as it was the result of a deliberate miscalculation.

As it attempted to calculate ObamaCare's true fiscal impact, the Congressional Budget Office was explicitly instructed to ignore the cost of covering family members under new eligibility requirements for low-income private sector employees.

"The Congressional Budget Office has never done a cost-estimate of this (because) they were expressly told to do their modeling on single coverage," researcher Richard Burkhauser told the Daily Caller this month.

Documents obtained from the Democratic-controlled Joint Committee on Taxation confirm Burkhauser's account — and demonstrate the lengths to which Obama supporters went in an effort to hide these costs from the taxpayers.

Obviously this isn't the first "oversight" associated with this unconstitutional abomination. In March of 2011, Obama's heath care czarina Kathleen Sebelius was forced to acknowledge under oath that the government double-counted $529 billion in "savings" associated with the implementation of the legislation.

Numerous other errors and omissions have been uncovered within ObamaCare's fuzzy math — including a $52 billion raid of Social Security and a $72 billion repayment obligation for a new "long-term care trust fund."

According to Congressional Budget Office estimates released on the eve of its passage in March 2010, ObamaCare was originally projected to add $109 billion to the federal deficit over 10 years.

We can now add more than $1 trillion to that total (and counting), shredding once and for all Obama's ridiculous claim that his signature legislation is "one of the biggest deficit-reduction plans in history."

It's also critical to remember that all of this deficit spending comes after the imposition of new tax hikes totaling hundreds of billions of dollars — a double whammy for taxpayers.

In addition to its infamous (and unconstitutional) individual mandate, ObamaCare also includes a new employer mandate tax, a new tax on "Cadillac" health insurance plans, the creation of a new 3.8% surtax on investment income for households that earn more than $250,000, increases in Medicaid payroll taxes, a new tax on medical device manufacturers, a new tanning tax, a tax hike on drug companies and at least a dozen other new "revenue enhancements."

Many of these tax hikes have already been implemented — siphoning money away from our economy at the worst possible time. They're also being collected even after a federal judge struck down ObamaCare in its entirety.

Also — and this is a critical point — the official cost projections for ObamaCare factor in a decade's worth of tax hikes and deficit spending and only six years of programmatic "benefits." Obviously, that discrepancy vastly understates the long-term impact of ObamaCare on federal deficits.

During the recent debt-ceiling debate, Republican leaders proved unwilling to make major inroads in reducing the federal government's mushrooming debt. They also abandoned key long-term fiscal restraints aimed at lowering future deficits.

As a new "supercommittee" convenes to take another stab at these long-overdue reforms, it's clear that gutting ObamaCare must be its first order of business.

• Rich is chairman of Americans for Limited Government.

Source:  Investors Daily

USPS proposes cutting 120,000 jobs, pulling out of health-care plan - Solution or one step closer to single-payer?

By Joe Davidson, Updated: Thursday, August 11, 3:04 PM

In an attempt to stem its financial hemorrhaging, the U.S. Postal Service is seeking to reduce its workforce by 20 percent, including through layoffs now prohibited by union contracts. USPS also wants to withdraw its employees from the health and retirement plans that cover federal staffers and create its own benefit programs for postal employees.

This major restructuring of the Postal Service’s relationship with its workforce would need congressional approval and would face fierce opposition from postal unions. But if approved, eliminating contract provisions that prevent layoffs and quitting the federal employee health and retirement programs could have ramifications for workers across the government and throughout the national’s labor movement.

In a notice to employees informing them of its proposals, with the headline “Financial crisis calls for significant actions,” the Postal Service said “we will be insolvent next month due to significant declines in mail volume and retiree health benefit prefunding costs imposed by Congress.”

The Postal Service plan is described in two draft documents obtained by The Washington Post. A “Workforce Optimization” paper acknowledges “that asking Congress to eliminate the layoff protections in our collective bargaining agreements is an extraordinary request by the Postal Service, and we do not make this request lightly. However, exceptional circumstances require exceptional remedies.

“The Postal Service is facing dire economic challenges that threaten its very existence.. . . If the Postal Service was a private sector business, it would have filed for bankruptcy and utilized the reorganization process to restructure its labor agreements to reflect the new financial reality.”

The USPS says it needs to reduce its workforce by 120,000 career positions by 2015, in addition to the 100,000 it expects through regular attrition. Some of the 120,000 could come through buyouts and other programs, but a significant number likely would be the result of layoffs, if Congress allows the agency to circumvent union contracts.

“Unfortunately, the collective bargaining agreements between the Postal Service and our unionized employees contain layoff restrictions that make it impossible to reduce the size of our workforce by the amount required by 2015,” according to the postal document. “Therefore, a legislative change is needed to eliminate the layoff protections in our collective bargaining agreements.”  (Call in Chris Christy or Scott Walker… they might be able to help you with that?!?)

How Congress will respond to the postal proposals remains to be seen. Many Republicans, including those who have sponsored legislation that labor considers anti-union, may support the plan. Some Democrats probably would back union opposition. But the Postal Service’s critical financial situation could make Democrats have second thoughts.

Two members of Congress who have introduced separate postal reform bills were non-committal on the USPS plan.

A spokeswoman for Sen. Thomas R. Carper (D-Del.) said “he is particularly interested in learning whether these proposals would be fair to employees and effective in reducing the Postal Service’s costs.”

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said: “These new ideas from the Postal Service are worth exploring. Options for reform and cost savings that will protect taxpayers from paying for a bailout, now or in the future, need to be on the table.”

Although what Congress will do is unknown, the response of postal unions has been certain.

American Postal Workers Union President Cliff Guffey said, “The APWU will vehemently oppose any attempt to destroy the collective bargaining rights of postal employees or tamper with our recently-negotiated contract — whether by postal management or members of Congress.”

National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association President Don Cantriel: “We are absolutely opposed” to the layoff proposal. “We are opposed to pulling out of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Our advisers are not advising us at all to even consider it.”

National Association of Letter Carriers President Fredric V. Rolando: “The issues of lay-off protection and health benefits are specifically covered by our contract. . . . The Congress of the United States does not engage in contract negotiations with unions and we do not believe they are about to do so.”

Source:  Washington Post

They have two big problems… the unions are killing them and the country in general and the WH wants everyone to end up in a single-payer system… it was always their plan!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chinese Company Reportedly Selling Stamina Pills Made of Human Fetuses - Updated


A South Korea investigative news team has produced a documentary reporting that the largest hospital in China is selling human fetuses, placentas, and whole corpses of dead babies to a dietary supplement manufacturer for use in its line of stamina-increasing pills.

Witness the following statement taken from a story in the English language China Daily:

The Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that it has launched an investigation in the wake of a media report in South Korea about capsules from China — made from the flesh of dead babies — being used as stamina boosters.

The story in the China Daily goes on to say that:

The "tonic" capsules are mainly sent to South Korea through members of the Korean ethnic group in China.

The ethnic group mainly inhabits Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces.

It was not reported which hospital or city in China the team visited.

Phone calls to Customs in Jilin went unanswered on Tuesday.

The details of the claims made by the South Korean news organization, SBS TV, were provided on the technology news website, Gizmodo. In that piece, it was reported that SBS TV had conducted an undercover investigation into rumors that Chinese supplement companies were making pills out of dead babies purchased from China’s largest medical center. According to the findings released by SBS TV, the pills in question contained “99.7% human stuff.”

As if the story weren’t shocking enough, the documentary goes on to reveal that much of the “material” comes from stillborn births and abortion clinics whose administration employs a “microwave drying process” to manufacture the pill-ready substance.

SBS TV, one three major South Korean television networks, supports its incredible claims by pointing to results obtained from a DNA test conducted on the material. As stated, the results indicate that 99.7% of the material stuffed into the capsules was of human origin. The South Korean reporters claimed that some of the remains were so freshly obtained that the gender of the body was still distinguishable.

The undercover investigation was spurred by persistent rumors throughout Asia that several of these Chinese tablet manufacturers were using dead babies as an additive to their stamina boosters. The team from SBS TV decided to chase down the rumors and uncover the truth behind the chilling rumors.

Early in the investigation, the newsmen found a hospital, a very large hospital, selling to pharmaceutical companies human remains obtained from stillbirths and abortions. The team learned of a well-known hospital policy that if an employee reported a “deceased baby case,” then supervisors were to forthwith put in a call to the pill company.

As if the fact were not enough that such cannibalistic regulations were being promulgated and carried out by hospital staff and the dead babies were actually being used in the manufacture of the pills, the SBS TV crew also found evidence of the manufacturing process itself.

According to the story which ran last week on South Korean television, “The medicine companies store the dead babies in a ‘normal family’s refrigerator,’ so as to be undiscoverable, and when they are ready to use the dead baby, they put it into a medical drying microwave. Once dry, they grind the dead baby up and put the powder into a pill capsule.”

The Gizmodo article explains that rumors of the dead-baby pill industry are not new. The story reports that such rumors and confirming videos have been around for years, pointing to a report from 2003 making the same accusations.

Related stories bolstered the credibility of the SBS TV program, including one relating how police officers in southwestern China discovered 28 female infants hidden in nylon suitcases on a bus, “apparently destined to be sold,” police and a state-run newspaper said.

A story published in the Beijing News reported that “one of the babies had died by the time police, acting on a tip-off, found them last week when the bus was stopped at a motorway toll gate in Bingyang, Guangxi province.”

Law enforcement in the Bingyang police station said that more than 20 suspects, some among the bus passengers, had been arrested in connection with the death of the infant. The babies on board the bus reportedly ranged in age from a newborn to about three months.

Additional information obtained from authorities indicates evidence that the babies were drugged to keep them from crying. Witnesses testified that “some were starting to turn purple” as nighttime temperatures plummeted.

The 27 babies who survived the journey and the cold temperatures were reportedly transferred to the Minorities Weisheng School in nearby Nanlin district.

To date not a single parent has come forward claiming any of the infant children. “It’s possible the parents gave the babies away. Family planning policy is very strict and they probably had exceeded their birth limit and wanted to give the babies away to avoid fines,” one police officer familiar with the facts told the media.

For years China has allowed the trafficking of female children to grow into a serious problem and a lucrative trade. Stories of such atrocities are common in Asian newspapers. Typically, these girls are sold to barren couples or couples desirous of more children. Whereas, the older girls are often sold cheaply to poor farmers intent on taking them as brides.

Although certainly not a source of reliable information, a report issued by the United Nations in 2001 claimed that over a quarter of a million women and children have been victims of human trafficking in China in recent decades.

Observers note that if this story is proven to be true, perhaps the Governor of Idaho and the elected representatives of the people of Idaho will rethink their current plan to sell part of the Gem State to the Chinese, and reconsider their pursuit of lopsided joint business ventures with a nation where such practices are tolerated or ignored by the ruling Communist government.

Source:  NewAmerican

Updated: 8.16.11 at 1:19AM ET

China’s New Lucrative Business: Dead Babies Turn into Stamina Booster Pills

August 5, 2011 6:51 PM EDT - Texas Miinutemen


A South Korean SBS TV documentary team accuses Chinese pharmaceutical companies of selling dead baby pills as stamina boosters.

The team reveals that the truth behind the dead baby pill is horrific and disturbing.

Chinese hospitals and abortion clinics that are connected to the business immediately notify pharmaceutical companies when a baby dies, mostly because of a still birth or an abortion.

The companies purchase the baby corpses and store them in some family’s refrigerator to avoid suspicion. The next step in this highly secretive process is putting the corpses in a medical drying microwave and grinding them into pills. The ground baby powder is then put in a capsule, ready to be sold as a stamina enhancer, according to the SBS team.

The Korean team acquired the dead baby capsules and ran DNA tests on it. The test results reportedly indicated the pills were 99.7 percent human. The test also found hair and nail remnants, and even the gender of the baby could be identified. The process will be aired with visuals in the SBS TV documentary on Aug. 6, 2011 in South Korea.

SBS further reveals that there has been a business network established between China and South Korea for a while, to fulfill the baby capsule demand in South Korean market.

Besides the dead baby pills, microwave dried placenta is another popular business in China, which hospital staff are allegedly openly involved with.S

Source: True Health Is True Wealth

And just think about it Sheeple… this is the society and country that the globalist elites prefer over America!!

Gov. Rick Perry signs health care reform bill into law; Texas fourth state to pass health care compacts bill

By Mark Lisheron


With the signature of Gov. Rick Perry today, Texas has joined three other states stating their intention to enter into a health care compact.

The compact, which would challenge the authority of the federal government to dictate the terms of the federally and state funded Medicaid program, was part of a wide-ranging health care reform bill, Senate Bill 7, passed by the Texas Legislature in its recently concluded special session.

Georgia, Oklahoma and Missouri have already signed onto the compacts movement, with Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signing a bill into law on Thursday.

The law establishes Texas, along with the other three states, as pioneers in an uncharted use of Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution which allows states to enter into agreements that, with the approval of Congress, cannot be abridged by the federal government. There are more than 200 state compacts currently in effect, nearly all of them related to commerce.

Article 1, however, does not outline the terms by which Congress might be compelled to agree to a state health care compact. Supporters are hoping to tip the balance in their favor as more states pass compacts laws.

Perry said the compacts language is an important part of a health care reform package the Legislative Budget Board has estimated will save Texas $467 million.

“Texas faces unique challenges when it comes to health care delivery, and Washington’s one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t fit our needs,” Perry said. “SB 7 provides state-based solutions to rising health care costs by providing millions in savings, rewarding innovation and improving the health care of Texans.”

Texas Rep. Lois Kolkhorst, R-Brenham, introduced the compacts bill as a separate piece of legislation and fought hard for its passage in the special session after seeing it stall at the end of the regular period.

“Health care spending crowds out funding for our schools, highways and public safety. That's why we need the health care compact,” Kolkhorst said. “Texans need a bigger say in how our health dollars are spent, a government closest to the people governs best."

Leo Linbeck III, a Houston businessman and one of the founders of the national Health Care Compacts Alliance, said Texas has struck a blow for self-governance, giving Texans an opportunity to shape its own health care system.

“Rather than forcing Texans to comply with a one-size-fits-all system designed by federal politicians and Washington D.C. bureaucrats, the health care compact will bring those decisions back to Texas, “ Linbeck said. “Americans want self-governance, especially in health care.”

Contact Mark Lisheron at 512-299-2318 or mark@texaswatchdog.org or on Twitter at @marktxwatchdog.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jerry Lewis Fired from the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon - Public and Comedians Support Jerry

Comedian Paul Rodriguez, at podium, expresses the comedians' support Friday for Jerry Lewis to be reinstated as host of the annual Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon. With him are, from left, Norm Crosby, Jason Stuart, Angelo Tsarouchas, Larry Miller, Jamie Masada (front) and Tom Dreesen.

LOS ANGELES — Jerry Lewis’ separation from the Muscular Dystrophy Association is not a laughing matter for some comedians.

Paul Rodriguez, Larry Miller, Tom Dreesen, Norm Crosby and others have joined in support of Lewis, the 85-year-old comedian who the MDA said is no longer its national chairman and will not appear on this year’s telethon. The Tucson, Ariz.-based association announced earlier this week that the organization was parting ways with him after 45 years.

“If this is the way we’re going, we should also tell grandpa we don’t need him for Thanksgiving,” joked Miller.

The funnymen told reporters gathered at The Laugh Factory comedy club Friday in Hollywood that they want the MDA to feature Lewis in some capacity on the upcoming telethon.

“He’s not dead,” said Rodriguez. “He’s very much alive.”

The comedians said they hadn’t spoken with Lewis since the separation was announced, but Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada said they supported Lewis “regardless of why he was dismissed.”

Dreesen speculated that the MDA told Lewis that he would be phased out of the telethon, and the group was fearful of what Lewis would say during the six-hour broadcast.

“There’s no way they would give him the microphone for five minutes,” said Dreesen.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association announced that legendary 85 year old entertainer Jerry Lewis will no longer serve as their national chairman and he won't be back as the host of their telecasts, which he initially brought into the spotlight. CBSNews.com's Ken Lombardi reports: Video

How could they fire Jerry Lewis??  -  Ken Levine

Thank you, Jerry for 45 years of great work. Now get out. That’s essentially what the MDA has done to telethon host/face of the charity Jerry Lewis. Oh, I’m sure he drove them crazy. I’m sure executives dove out of their 20th floor office windows when they heard he was in the building. But without Jerry there is no telethon. I mean, seriously, you’re replacing one of the icons of show business with Nigel Lythgoe? (Who???)

The program will also be shortened this year from twenty hours to a mere six. And I bet they still have trouble filling the bill. Good luck getting Tony Orlando this year.

Once upon the time the Jerry Lewis telethon was a highlight of the year. Twenty hours of the highest camp, schmaltziest schmaltz, cheesiest cheese, and glitziest entertainment ever assembled on one stage. And it was all live. Jaw-dropping moments were as common as a check of the tote board.   I even wrote about it a couple of years ago. 

Jerry created this faux Vegas main showroom format, which was already dated in 1966 when he first introduced it. Over the years it became a time piece. Singers still in tuxedos and formal gowns – at 7:00 AM. Wayne Newton -- the major headliner. Lounge comics trotting out material that I’m sure killed in 1955. Puppeteers. Bird acts.

And it was all held together by Jerry. No comedian has ever taken himself more seriously, and in an unintentional twisted way, that only made him funnier. One minute dripping sincerity, the next crossing his eyes and acting like a moron. Genius! Sheer genius!
Add to the mix the fatigue factor. Put someone like that on live television with major sleep deprivation and by hour 15 you’ve got real  theater. Crying, badgering, doing rat pack racial slurs. You never knew what you were going to get… from moment to moment. And again, that was the brilliance of it all. That was the appeal. Once Jerry took his tie off you were on high alert for hilarity.
Plus, it was all for a really good cause.

Say what you will, Jerry raised millions and millions for MDA. His telethon became a part of American culture. He is 85. You knew it was just a matter of time. But to not let him go out in a dignified way, on his own terms, that’s unconscionable.

As far as I’m concerned there is no more MDA telethon. And it’s too bad because Nigel’s kids need the help just as much as Jerry’s.

Thanks again for everything, Jerry. I’ll never be able to hear Rockabye My Baby With a Dixie Melody ever again without crying… and laughing.

This is just another example of what is wrong with America!  I am absolutely not a fan of Jerry Lewis style comedy, especially not when he was young.  He was waaaaay too silly for me.  But Jerry Lewis is the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon and Jerry’s Kids and Adults have received the donations and all the results from them for one reason and one reason only… Because of Jerry Lewis and his hard work and dedication.

America’s lack of respect for their elders and for the knowledge they have and the service they have given is a huge part of our failure as a people and as a nation.  The youth culture and ignorance and disinterest is much of what has brought us to the place we now find ourselves in and is part of the plan of the Progressive Movement that has gripped and destroyed this nation.

Shame on MDA!!  I support the the comedians and other groups fighting to bring Jerry back.  I hope some you decide to join me!  I will also not be supporting the telethon this year with my donation if Jerry is not reinstated as the host!!

I guess in the future, if we don’t wake up, we will have less of these old people in the way and less of these types of problems because if ObamaCare goes into affect there won’t be many 85+ year-olds around because the *death ( oh sorry… rationing) panel will have denied most of them a treatment by then that will cost them their life and keep us from being bothered these old troublesome folks. :-)

* Under ObamaCare, people over 78 will require the okay of a government administrative rationing panel to receive any major treatments, procedures or surgeries.  Darn that Sarah Palin for being right…

Support Jerry Lewis, seniors and the knowledge seniors possess and America needs!!

Ask Marion~

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rawesome Foods Raid Victims Stripped Of First Amendment Rights With Court Gag Order

By Mike Adams  -  NaturalNews  -  August 6, 2011

Victoria Bloch was released from jail in LA County last night, but only under the condition that she completely give up her First Amendment rights and refrain from talking to anyone about the case.

NaturalNews has confirmed this gag order was placed on Victoria and is also going to be placed on James Stewart and Sharon Palmer as a condition of their release (they are reportedly making bail today and may be home by this evening).

This gag order is, of course, an effort by the California court system to try to quell the rising tidal wave of public outrage against the armed government raids against a raw dairy farm and private buyer’s club — a raid that many people who witnessed it described, in their own words, as “government terrorism” against the People.

First, the government attempts to take away their right to engage in commerce and enter private contracts. Then, the government vandalizes this buying club, steals their cash, destroys their entire product inventory and steals the computers from the store.

The owners (and conspiring farmers) are arrested at gunpoint and taken to jail without even being read their rights. And finally, to top it off, they are slapped with a gag order which prohibits them having their First Amendment rights so that they might tell their side of the story.

This is a total assault on freedom by the government.

NaturalNews has learned that under this gag order, these raw milk advocates are prevented from:

• Speaking to any member of the press.
• Tweeting or blogging about the raid.
• Posting anything on Facebook or websites.
• Sending emails about the case.
• Communicating in any way, verbally or non-verbally about the government raids conducted against them.


Join the online revolt against government-sponsored terrorism of American farmers

Meanwhile, public outrage is rapidly spreading. A viral Tweet campaign has been launched that has people tweeting #rawesome and #farmageddon across the web (http://www.naturalnews.com/033243_r…), and a new video has just been posted by Sarah Brown that interviewed several people who witnessed the raid.

Watch this video to see government terrorists stealing computers and business files from Rawesome Foods:

or see it on YouTube at:


I’ve just completed an interview with Lela Buttery, who is at the LA County Courthouse and is watching for the release of the “prisoners” James Steward and Sharon Palmer. That interview will be posted here on NaturalNews shortly.

Alex Jones will be commenting on this developing story on his Sunday broadcast from www.InfoWars.comand here at NaturalNews, we continue to gather intelligence from the front lines about who is behind this raid and why such evil criminals exist in our government. More stories soon…

Thank you for sharing our stories and continuing to spread the word about these acts of government terrorism against dairy farms and raw milk buyer’s clubs.

Original Article: http://www.naturalnews.com/033244_Rawesome_Foods_gag_order.html#ixzz1UEh7zbfE


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bipolar Disorder: Just Another Manic Monday? How to Tell if You or A Loved One Has Mania

By Tracy Latz

Is There Such a Thing as ‘Manic Season’?

Many of my patients who have been diagnosed in the past with Bipolar Disorder have heard me ask them during their visits with me in the early spring season: “How has your mood been? You know we are now in ‘Manic Season’.

Mania can actually occur any time of the year if one is given the “perfect storm” of situational stress or sleep deprivation. However, just as depression can often be more prevalent in the darker months of late fall and winter, mania too is often associated with the season of spring with the rapidly increasing length of daylight hours. The decrease in exposure to daylight in the fall/winter months can lead to a decrease in the production of neurotransmitters serotonin and/or dopamine for many sensitive people which can in turn be experienced as depression or anxiety- also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (see our post on SAD).

The increase in exposure to sunlight in the spring (from about March 1st until about the end of May) can lead to an increase in the production of serotonin and/or dopamine in some sensitive individuals to create feelings of euphoria. This can lead to what many people sense as a slight boost in energy and elevation in mood known as ‘spring fever‘ or it can cause some people to have a more marked increase in mood and energy level known as ‘hypomania‘ that can eventually lead to full-blown ‘mania‘ where a person can then become quite angry or irritable – or even violent. A person in a full manic episode may begin to feel so out of control due to their thoughts or behaviors that they may begin to feel trapped and that suicide is the only way out.

What Are the Symptoms of Mania?

  • Experiencing for most of the day (nearly every day) for a period of at least a week of abnormally and persistently elevated/expansive (excessive happiness/joyfulness out of the realm of norm for the circumstances), euphoric  or sudden irritable/angry/hostile mood
  • During the period of mood disturbance at least 3 of the following symptoms (4 if the mood is only irritable) have been present to a significant degree:
  1. Inflated sense of self or grandiose thinking
  2. Decreased need for sleep (feels rested after just 2 to 4 hours of sleep)
  3. More talkative than usual or has an internal pressure to keep talking (rapid speech that is difficult to interrupt)
  4. Flight of ideas (jumps from one thought to another in an unrelated manner) or a subjective report of the person that their thoughts are racing from one to another
  5. Distractibility (attention easily shifted to unimportant or irrelevant external stimuli)
  6. Marked boost in energy level/activity (social, work, school or sexual) or significant agitation
  7. Excessive involvement in pleasurable activities or risky behaviors that have a high potential for painful consequences (spending money on buying sprees that cannot afford, gambling, high sex drive, sexual indiscretions, or foolish business investments)
  • Symptoms have been severe enough to cause marked impairment in ability to function at work or school, in usual social activities, or in relationships with others; or severe enough to be hospitalized to prevent harm to self or others
  • Severely manic people can become psychotic (seeing things/hearing things others cannot see, experiencing increasing paranoia, preoccupation with political or religious ideation to the exclusion of usual activities, having an inability to connect thoughts to form intelligible sentences, or believing they have “special powers”)
  • Symptoms are NOT initiated and maintained by a known organic cause such as illicit or prescription drugs causing a mood disturbance

Hypomania is a much milder form of mania where there is only mild disturbance in ability to function and there is no psychosis involved.  In hypomania the fast ideas, increased creative bursts of activity, feelings of elevated confidence, boosted sensuality, and euphoria is exciting and the tendency is to want to continue to experience that state of mood.However, it is nearly impossible to “ride the crest of the hypomanic wave” without crashing into either full-blown mania or depression. Many historically well-known artists, musicians and performers have had some of their most creative work manifest during periods of hypomania.

What If I (or my Loved One) Has Bipolar Disorder: What are the Early Warning Signs of Mania?

  1. The first thing that I tell my patients or family members of patients to look out for is a decreased need for sleep. It is time to take action (call the treating provider or take something other than alcohol or illicit drugs to assist with sleep) if a person with a known diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder is sleeping 4 hours or less for 3 nights in a row.
  2. Stress may trigger mood disturbances – become aware of and monitor for mood changes during periods of time with increased stress. NOTE: Stress may be good (weddings, births, celebrations, holidays, promotions, positive moves, etc) OR stress may be bad (death, loss of job or relationship, divorce, physical illness, surgery, etc).
  3. Increased energy or increased talkativeness
  4. Increasingly impulsive behaviors

What Can I Do To Help Stabilize My (Or My Loved One’s) Mood?

  1. Consider evaluation by a trained mental health professional to discuss the risks and benefits of use of mood stabilizing medication, psychotherapy, or other treatments as well as to assess for suicidal or homicidal thoughts and psychosis.
  2. Good, well-balanced nutritional intake with avoidance of highly processed, high sugar or caffeine-containing foods or beverages. A diet with good hydration and a balance of daily essential vitamins, protein, reasonable amount of carbohydrates and omega-3 fatty acids can assist with stabilizing mood.
  3. Avoid alcohol or opiates/pain pills (while it may initially cause sedation or drowsiness, it tends to eventually fuel either mania or a crash into depression)
  4. Avoid psychoactive substances or hallucinogens- while this may seem obvious at first, I have seen many people who will intentionally use cannabis (pot, marijuana) to attempt to “relax” yet the effect in bipolar disorder actually worsens paranoia or psychosis. I also have seen many bipolar patients who will intentionally us pot, hallucinogens, or speed/cocaine to attempt to get into a hypomanic state in an attempt “feel that good again”.
  5. Avoid stress – develop a daily centering practice such as meditation, qigong, yoga or time spent walking calmly in nature. We live in a busy, hectic world and it is important for all of us to become quiet and go within in a mindful, centering manner to restore our inner peace daily.
  6. Regular exercise – this helps us burn off excess energy during the day and feel tired at our regular bedtime at night. It can assist with resetting our natural internal biorhythms, including our sleep-wake cycles.

Is Mania the same thing as a Mixed Manic Episode?

No, during a manic episode, the symptoms include only the ones listed in the above “Symptoms of Mania”. During a Mixed Manic Episode, a person experiences symptoms of BOTH depression and mania- which can be confusing to both family members, the person with the symptoms and to primary care physicians who may not have been trained to look for this condition. Often the patient will complain or feeling depressed, yet the family members and the treatment provider who spend an hour with the person will begin to see signs of mania such as irritability, mood lability (rapid shifting from sadness to anger to inappropriate laughter or silly behavior). If asked in an interview, the person will begin to let you know of decreased sleep (4 hours or less per 24 hour period) and other signs or symptoms of mania in addition to depressive symptoms. If the manic side is missed and the person is only treated with an antidepressant, they are at high risk for becoming fully manic and possibly paranoid or psychotic.

Is Bipolar Disorder the same thing as Cyclothymia or Borderline Personality Disorder?

No. Cyclothymia is often considered a milder form of Bipolar Disorder. The hallmark is that for a period of at least 2 years there is a presence of numerous hypomanic episodes and numerous periods with depressed mood or loss if interest or pleasure in usual activities that do not meet criteria for a major depressive episode. The repetitive mood disturbances typically last for only a few days and are not solely attributable to reaction to stress or external stimuli or substances.

Borderline Personality Disorder is not the same as Bipolar Disorder either. Bipolar Disorder is considered a major mental illness while Borderline Personality Disorder is considered to be a “characterological” or personality disorder. I have never liked the term “personality disorder” as it seems to denote an idea that someone has a defective personality. What it really is referring to is a pattern of maladaptive coping strategies and ways of thinking about one’s self and the environment that can cause dysfunction at work, school, in the family, social or intimate relationships. I have seen many people with Borderline Personality Disorder who were misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. You can see mood swings with both conditions; however, the mood swings in Borderline Personality Disorder are short-lived (only lasting usually a few hours and rarely more than a few days) and tend to be due to emotional reactivity to an environmental or relationship stressor.

Hope this is helpful! These are the questions family members and patients most often ask me about Mania, Bipolar Disorder & Borderline Personality Disorder.

Happy (and a Balanced Healthy) Spring to you all! :)

Tracy Latz, M.D., M.S. (a.k.a. one of “The Shift Doctors”)

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