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Teddy's seat could kill the health care bill- This is how, you can help !

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There is an election in MA coming up Jan 19 that can change the face of DC. The main stream media is trying very hard to avoid talking about the special election for Ted Kennedy's seat. There is a very staunch Republican candidate against Democrat-the polls today are tied. Scott Brown is currently serving in MA state senate. He is asking everyone for help in making calls or anything else anyone is willing to do. If Scott Brown wins election it breaks the Democrats filabuster proof Senate-leaving them only 59 votes & giving us the one we need to stop their agenda.Please everyone get involved.; A special group has been created for out of state supporters.

Visit NO WE WON'T at:

Patriotic Resistance - A message to all members of Patriotic Resistance

We were asked to get this word out on Scott Brown running for the Senate in MASS to take the late Ted Kennedy's seat held for 40+ years.

Anyone across the country who is interested in phone-banking on Scott Brown's behalf, please contact Field Director Brad Hansen at: or call 509-595-4683

Brad will set you up with a user-name and password. You will receive an email with your unique user name and password, as well as a link to the website where you will log in. Once you are logged in, watch the tutorial on how to use the system and then you can start making calls.

We do not endorse or support any candidate. We are simply providing information.


Visit Patriotic Resistance at:



There certainly would be some poetic justice in having Teddy’s seat be the nail in the coffin of Obamacare!!

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People of Hawaii Pass Resolution Against Forced Vaccination

Department of Health officials in Hawaii were overruled by County of Hawaii directors supporting a resolution favoring First Amendment constitutional rights and vaccination exemptions for everyone demanding them.

The nearly unanimous vote demonstrated the power of local community activists to rebuke "top down" policies advancing "mandatory" vaccinations during declared emergencies.

The Resolution urges State and Federal legislators in Hawaii "to amend vaccine laws to include medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions from any vaccine program," including those declared urgent by health officials.


The Flu Case December 10, 2009

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

This county resolution has yet to play out in Hawaii’s state politics, but, it is a good, solid example of what local municipalities can do to assert their sovereign authority over the territory they are elected to represent.

It shows that, finally, we have some local government officials who not only are listening to their constituents, but who realize that they can, and should, stand up against over-reaching, martial law-type State and Federal mandates.

‘A Victory for Health Freedom’

The Hawaii Tribune Herald tried to bury the news of the Resolution in its December 4 story titled, “Flu Mist Is Better than No Vaccine.” But online blogs and news watchers picked it up. Across the Internet, the resolution’s sponsor, Hawaii County councilwoman Emily Naeole-Beason, has been quoted as saying,
“This is a victory for health freedom, common sense, and US constitutional entitlements. I am very proud of our Council who put public safety ahead of special interests.
I couldn’t agree more, and we need more representatives like Naeole-Beason in public office. This feisty councilwoman from Hawaii has turned the tables on the FDA, CDC and the World Health Organization, as well as state and federal governments, by using their own argument for mass vaccination against them, and making it a defense for the public’s constitutional right to choose!
For too long, with no matter what vaccine was being questioned, government health officials around the world have defended mass vaccination with the mantra that they’re doing it in the interest of public safety.
In the US and abroad, anyone who dared to question, criticize or protest this mantra and the state-mandated vaccines it promoted was labeled as selfish, and accused of putting special interests ahead of the public good. No matter that some people just wanted the right to be as informed as possible about vaccines’ safety and risks – if they questioned the powers-that-be, they were against public safety.
Naeole-Beason, backed by her council, has dared to challenge the status quo and publicly say what many of us have been saying for years – that it’s really the government officials who are putting special interests ahead of public safety, not the other way around.

Some Lively Debates Going On

Even if it didn’t hit most of the mainstream press, this Resolution can be used to encourage states to exercise their own sovereignty over Federal and world health agendas, which can mandate vaccinations for every citizen under the guise of a “national emergency.”
The online debates on this Resolution are lively. This should serve as “a warning to health officials seeking mandatory vaccination authorizations under Federal ‘national emergency’ codes that expand state health official powers under the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act,’” said.
“The Resolution was prepared by Councilwoman Naeole's office. Her staff managed to make all the right phone calls, do all the right research, produce a resolution with all the right content and hit the issue facing American's straight on the nail, Freedom to choose what they want to do!” said.
Freedom to choose! There you go again – that radical idea that in the US, we should be able to exercise a constitutional right!

Others are Asserting Their Right to Choose

The Hawaii Resolution is printed in full here at What I find very interesting is that the Resolution is not just about the H1N1 vaccine, which prompted it, but is about ALL vaccines.
It quotes the Hawaii statute which, like the other US states’, shields the pharmaceutical industry from lawsuits stemming from injuries of vaccines given during a state-declared emergency, but then it goes on to say:
WHEREAS, there is insufficient scientific evidence proving that vaccines are safe or effective, therefore it is not in the best interest of public health to impose mandatory vaccinations without exemptions; and
WHEREAS, swine flu and the flu vaccines both contain Thimerosal, a preservative for vaccines composed of mercury, one microgram of mercury is considered toxic and flu shots contain 25 micrograms. By age two, most United States children have received around 237 micrograms of mercury through vaccines; and
WHEREAS, the fast tracked government vaccines contain a substance called squalene that is suspected of causing serious long-term damage to the body; and
WHEREAS, in the wake of potential harm to the individual and the public from vaccinations, and the vacillating interpretation of “vaccine science,” it is in the public’s best interest to amend the vaccine laws, to include the right of medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions from mandated vaccination programs; now, therefore,
BE IT RESOLVED BY the COUNCIL OF THE COUNTY OF Hawai‘i, that it recommends that state and federal elected officials who represent the people of the State of Hawai‘i amend vaccine laws to include medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions from mandatory vaccine programs that contain thimerasol or squalene.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that any vaccine known to contain harmful viruses or any materials known to prompt autoimmune diseases or cancer risks shall provide cause for exemption for any person in the State of Hawai‘i who so desires such exemption.”
What a powerful, in-your-face proclamation this is to all the officials who want to overrule the rights of individuals and communities to govern themselves!
The good thing about this is that the community activists in Hawaii are not alone. Slowly but surely, across the US, people who are sick and tired of being told that they have to accept mandated vaccines for themselves and their children are standing up for their rights.
For example, in Idaho, public citizens are demanding that the governor grant them the right to exemptions from mandated vaccinations.
In Washington state16,000 registered nurses filed a federal lawsuit to stop MultiCare Health System from implementing a mandatory flu vaccination policy for them. This action “blatantly ignores their legal obligation to bargain with the union,” was the comment that Barbara Frye, the nurses’ association’s assistant executive director said, in explaining why the lawsuit was filed.
In New York state, a judge halted enforcement of a law that mandated health care workers there be vaccinated against H1N1 – even in the face of the state health commissioner who, like his colleagues, repeated the public safety mantra.
And in New Jersey – home to vaccine giant Merck – parents staged rallies against a state mandate requiring all children be vaccinated against H1N1.
These are just a few examples of vaccine community action movements that have begun across the country. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see that people are finally starting to see the bigger picture, and in ever increasing numbers are starting to demand more information. People are finally asking to be fully informed, and are demanding the right to be able to make a choice with that information.

What You Can Do

I urge you to continue educating yourself about vaccines, and the diseases they’re designed to treat. The National Vaccine Information Center is one of the best online sources for your continued research on this topic. Remember these two axioms as the foundation of everything you do:

  1. Nobody, anywhere or any time and under any circumstances has the right or power in this country to immunize you or your children against your will and conviction. If they attempt to do so, you can legally charge them with "assault with a deadly weapon" and have the full resources of our laws behind you.

  2. At all times in attempting to avoid unwanted immunization, you have the Law of the Land behind you. Those who would try to vaccinate you against your will are on very shaky ground. Into every compulsory immunization law in America are written legal exceptions and waivers which are there specifically to protect you from the attempted tyranny of officialdom. It is not only your right, but your obligation to use them, if this is what your conscience tells you.

For more information about how to legally avoid unwanted immunizations of all kinds, please review my previous article How to Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations of All Kinds.

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Avoid These 7 Foods and You're Off To A Healthier New Year

1. Canned Tomatoes

The expert: Fredrick vom Saal, PhD, an endocrinologist at the University of Missouri who studies bisphenol-A

The resin linings of tin cans contain bisphenol-A, a synthetic estrogen that has been linked to ailments ranging from reproductive problems to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Acidity -- a prominent characteristic of tomatoes -- causes BPA to leach into your food.

2. Corn-Fed Beef

The expert: Joel Salatin, co-owner of Polyface Farms and author of books on sustainable farming

Cattle were designed to eat grass, not grains. But farmers today feed their animals corn and soybeans, which fatten up the animals faster for slaughter. A recent comprehensive study found that compared with corn-fed beef, grass-fed beef is higher in beta-carotene, vitamin E, omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

3. Microwave Popcorn

The expert: Olga Naidenko, PhD, a senior scientist for the Environmental Working Group

Chemicals, including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), in the lining of the bag, are part of a class of compounds that may be linked to infertility in humans. In animal testing, the chemicals cause liver, testicular, and pancreatic cancer. Studies show that microwaving causes the chemicals to vaporize -- and migrate into your popcorn.

4. Nonorganic Potatoes

The expert: Jeffrey Moyer, chair of the National Organic Standards Board

Root vegetables absorb herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides that wind up in soil. In the case of potatoes they're treated with fungicides during the growing season, then sprayed with herbicides to kill off the fibrous vines before harvesting. After they're dug up, the potatoes are treated yet again to prevent them from sprouting.

5. Farmed Salmon

The expert: David Carpenter, MD, director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany

Nature didn't intend for salmon to be crammed into pens and fed soy, poultry litter, and hydrolyzed chicken feathers. As a result, farmed salmon is lower in vitamin D and higher in contaminants, including carcinogens, PCBs, brominated flame retardants, and pesticides such as dioxin and DDT.

6. Milk Produced with Artificial Hormones

The expert: Rick North, project director of the Campaign for Safe Food at the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

Milk producers treat their dairy cattle with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH or rBST, as it is also known) to boost milk production. But rBGH also increases udder infections and even pus in the milk. It also leads to higher levels of a hormone called insulin-like growth factor in milk. In people, high levels of IGF-1 may contribute to breast, prostate, and colon cancers.

7. Conventional Apples

The expert: Mark Kastel, codirector of the Cornucopia Institute

If fall fruits held a "most doused in pesticides contest," apples would win. And increasing numbers of studies are starting to link a higher body burden of pesticides with Parkinson's disease.

By: Dr. Mercola

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Health Care, Barack Obama, and the U.S. Constitution

Political Cartoon by Dana Summers

Who cares about the U.S. Constitution, when Barack Obama’s vision for America is weighing in the balance?

Don’t count on the U.S. Congress to care.

In the aftermath of the Senate’s passage of an Obamacare bill, Attorney’s General from multiple states have begun to announce that they are launching investigations into the legality, and constitutionality of the Senate legislation. Chief among their concerns is the possibility that that the bill places Americans outside the state of Nebraska at a significant disadvantage, financially and otherwise, to residents of the state of Nebraska.

Political Cartoon by Chip Bok

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, along with the Attorneys General in the states of Washington, Michigan, Texas, Colorado, Alabama and North Dakota – have joined forces to consider, among other things, if the Obamacare bill in the U.S. Senate violates the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The 10th Amendment stipulates that powers not granted to the national government nor prohibited to the states by the constitution of the United States , are reserved to the states or the people.

As such, the 10th Amendment may pose constitutional challenges to the Obamacare bill itself. Does the constitution grant to the federal government the “power” to provide healthcare? More curiously, does the constitution grant to the federal government the “power” to mandate that people buy anything - including health insurance (the Senate version of the healthcare reform legislation stipulates both)?

Additionally, state Attorneys General should also be concerned about Obamacare for another reason: it could be in violation of the “equal protection” clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Concerns over the Fourteenth Amendment appear to be present (this is based on what we know of the legislation, which, because of Pelosi and Reid’s secretiveness, is not a lot) in the portion of the Obamacare bill that grants special (and expensive) privileges to residents of the state of Nebraska. In the Senate’s Obamacare bill, the state of Nebraska is afforded special financial advantages from the federal government - to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars every year – for the funding of Medicaid. The reason this provision appears in a Senate healthcare bill, as many readers of this column are aware, is because the bill could not be passed without the vote of Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska .

Obamacare is strongly opposed by roughly two-thirds of American voters. And according to a survey published less than two weeks ago by the Tarrance Group polling firm, sixty-seven percent of Nebraskans oppose Obamacare, while ninety percent of Nebraskans are happy with the heatlhcare they currently receive and don’t want it to change.

Additionally, the Senate Obamacare bill is vague, at best, as to when and where it funds abortion procedures – and Nebraskans overwhelmingly find the aborting of unborn children to be abhorrent. And for all these reasons, Senator Ben Nelson had every reason to vote against the Obamacare bill.

So, given Senator Nelson’s incentives to oppose the Obamacare bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid crafted a special deal to incentivize Nelson to vote in favor of the bill. The “incentives” included special economic incentives for the state of Nebraska , incentivizes that people in the other 49 states don’t receive.

Using the law to single-out certain individuals, or certain groups of individuals, and impart to them either special privileges or penalties that don’t apply to other Americans, is, well – Un-American. And it may very well prove to be un-constitutional in court.

Residents in the other forty-nine states pay taxes according to the same federal taxation structure as do Americans in Nebraska. Furthermore, in as much as we are U.S. citizens, we are all deserving of the same “protections” under the law to which Nebraskans are subject.

But the Senate Obamacare bill sets aside Nebraskans, and makes a special privileged class of them. If this bill becomes law, Nebraskans will be entitled to subsidies from the federal government that those of us who belong in the category called “non-Nebraskans” are not.

This disregard for the U.S. Constitution and matters of “equal protection” do not begin and end with Senator Ben Nelson. Earlier this winter, Senator Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) was asked a simple question by reporter Nicholas Ballasy of CNSNews.Com: “What part of the Constitution do you think gives Congress the authority to mandate that individuals have to purchase health insurance?”

In response, Senator Landrieu (who, much like Senator Nelson of Nebraska did, essentially “sold” her vote in the Senate despite opposition to Obamacare in her home state of Louisiana) replied “we’re very lucky as members of the Senate to have constitutional lawyers on our staff, so I’ll let them answer that.”

Yes, of course – “the lawyers clean up all details” as American poet (and “classic rock” star) Don Henley once lamented about his country. The fact is, however, that Senator Landrieu couldn’t answer the question if she tried.

But just like the legal profession itself, our current President and Congress have little regard for the U.S. Constitution, and for the rights of the human individual. Just as it is with the practice of law, the process of “law making” revolves around “leverage” – what can one individual or group force another individual or group to do? What does it take to accomplish what we, the politicians, want to accomplish?

Will any more among the 535 elite Americans in Congress dare to raise any constitutional concerns about this? And how about the Attorneys General of the other 43 states? Does the Constitution matter any more?

Political Cartoon by Michael Ramirez

By: Austin Hill - a Talk Show Host At Boise, Idaho's 580 KIDO Radio, and a frequent Guest Host on the Fox Newstalk Radio Network. He is the Author of "White House Confidential: Revised and Expanded Edition," And Co-Author of the forthcoming title "The Virtues Of Capitalism: A Moral Case For Free Markets" (Northfield/Moody Press, 2010).

Source: TownHall

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We the People... Ray Stevens

HC Battle Update From Senator Jim De Mint

Health Care Fight is Not Over

Senate DemocratsSenate Democrats passed President Obama's health care takeover on Thursday by a vote of 60-39. The bill now goes to the House where many of the Democrats who supported the House bill say they won't support the Senate's version.
If changes are made in the House, Senate Democrats will have to pass the bill again and cannot afford to lose a single vote. Americans must continue to put pressure on Senate Democrats throughout the month of January so we can keep this bill from reaching President Obama's desk.
SCF will be working to defeat several key Senators based on Thursday's vote. Their support for this health care takeover is unacceptable and SCF will do everything it can to replace them with true conservative leaders as soon as possible. We've broken down the list of Democrat Senators who voted for the bill to show you when they are up for re-election and which races we are targeting.
Click here to see the SCF Health Care Target List.

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Help Mike Huckabee Stop Ben Nelson and Stop ObamaCare

Huck PAC Newsletter

I am sorry to send you this email so late this evening but things are moving quickly and I need your help to stop the Senate Health Care bill.

First, in case you haven't heard, Nebraska Democrat, Senator Ben Nelson has caved in his opposition to the Senate Health Care bill. Nelson's surrender paves the way for Senate passage of the bill sometime this week. Tomorrow morning I am headed to Omaha, Nebraska to headline a rally later in the day demanding Senator Nelson switch his vote back to NO.

The rally will be held at the Omaha Music Hall, 17th and Capitol. Doors open at 2 PM. Rally starts at 3 PM.

Other participants will include Congressman Terry, Auditor Foley, Senators McCoy, Fulton, Krist, Price and Lautenbaugh.

If you live nearby or have friends or family that do, please tell them about the rally.

I am sending this email to my entire list and I know that most of you reading it do not live anywhere near Omaha but are fighting mad about this and want to do something.

Here is an immediate way to help.

Tomorrow when I attend the rally I want to be able to say to everyone there that overnight 25,000 Americans signed my petition to Senator Nelson asking him to JUST SAY NO and that they are standing together with everyone at the rally. My hope is that we will collect a total of 100,000 signatures before the final Senate vote.

Will you sign this petition now? And then forward this email to your contacts list and ask them to do the same?

Help me collect 25,000 signatures overnight. I will post updates from tomorrow from Nebraska at In the meantime, please sign my petition today.

Fighting to stop Obama-care,

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee

Sign My Just Say No Senator Nelson Petition here:

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Looks Like Ben Nelson Has Sold His Vote On ObamaCare Too – Sen DeMint and Rep Stupak Fight On – Please Join Them

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Remember the $300 million in our tax Harry Reid is spending to buy Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana's vote on Obamacare? It is being reported that Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska is falling in line after being offered his own $300 million in Medicaid funds deal.

Fox News reported:
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., ripped the compromise bill, accusing Democrats of trying to deceive Americans by "jamming" a bill full of special deals to win over reluctant senators.

"This is an outrage," he said, adding that if the bill was popular, Democrats "wouldn't be passing it the weekend before Christmas and in the middle of the night."

The compromise didn't seem to do much better at appeasing liberal groups, like Planned Parenthood, which issued a statement saying it "strongly opposes the new abortion language."
Reid and other party leaders engineered a last-minute compromise on parts of the legislation to win the support of the lone Democratic holdout, Sen. Ben Nelson.

Marathon negotiations among the White House, Senate Democratic leaders and Nelson, a conservative Democrat from Nebraska, produced fresh concessions that will mean additional abortion restrictions in the legislation and funding to cover poor people for Nelson's state and others.

"I know this is hard for some of my colleagues to accept and I appreciate their right to disagree. But I would not have voted for this bill without these provisions," Nelson said at a news conference in the Capitol. He said he reserves the right to vote against the final bill if substantial changes are made by House and Senate negotiators.

Democratic leaders offered Nelson a deal similar to the $300 million in Medicaid assistance Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana got for her support, numerous sources told Fox News.
There seems to be some hope that Stupak is working with the GOP to stop Harry's Bill

Rep. Bart Stupak called the Senate’s bill’s abortion position "unacceptable." One of his staffers actually collaborated by email with Senate minority Leader McConnell.

Politico reported:
An aide to Rep. Bart Stupak (D. Mich.) coordinated opposition to the Senate health bill’s abortion compromise this morning with the Republican Senate leadership, according to a chain of frantic emails obtained this morning by POLITICO.

Stupak, in an interview with POLITICO, called the Senate’s bill’s abortion position "unacceptable" – but disavowed his staffer’s collaboration with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.
“I never talked to McConnell about the health care bill,” said Stupak, adding that that “I did not authorize the email [which] “was sent without my knowledge.”

Stupak said that he has discussed the Senate’s abortion position with conservative Democratic senators Ben Nelson (Neb.) and Robert Casey (Penn.).

Stupak's continued opposition to the Senate plan, despite those conversations and intense pressure from the White House, suggests that reconciling it with the House bill may prove politically challenging.

The National Organization for Women is also working to defeat the compromise.

DeMint plans to delay vote by any means...

Question: How Bad Is This HC Bill If Reid Has To Force a Vote on Christmas Eve Without Giving Ample Time To Read It???

DeMint Promises to Delay Health Bill, Force Christmas Eve Vote

Any with even a shred of common sense realizes that if you have to force Senators to stay in Washington DC to twist their arms and bribe them… before they can go home to their constituents knows this ObamaCare Bill that Harry is pushing is another fraud and theft bill against the American People.

STOP REID and SUPPORT DeMint – Contact your Republican Senators and ask them to do whatever it takes to delay this vote. Have the entire bill read on the floor and then ask for it read again by quested sections. And then thank them for giving up their Christmas with their families. And then contact every Democratic Senator and keep contacting them to VOTE NO on ObamaCare or just go home before the vote. (And please call Ben Nelson and thank him for his no vote and to stick to it)

I have been told that in order of effectiveness contact by fax, phone, call and lastly email. If you have time, please do all three. We are talking about 1/6 of the American economy being hijacked by the government and the destruction of what was the best healthcare in the world instead of reforming it.

Sen. Jim DeMint said Thursday he is prepared to use every procedural tool to delay a vote on the Democratic healthcare legislation.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is planning to schedule votes around the clock over the next week to meet a deadline of passing the bill by Christmas. Without the cooperation of Republicans, the marathon schedule would end with a vote on Christmas Eve.

Reid hopes that Republicans will waive some of the procedural formalities so senators are not forced to spend the evening before Christmas milling about the Senate floor.

But DeMint (R-S.C.), chairman of the Senate Republican Steering Committee and a leader of the conservative opposition, told The Hill he will not yield back any time.

DeMint also said he would force the Senate to return to Washington after Christmas to vote on a $290 billion increase to the federal debt limit. Treasury officials told lawmakers that they need an increase of borrowing authority to keep the government solvent beyond Dec. 31

“I’m not going to waive any time,” DeMint said in an interview, when asked whether he would force Reid to go late into Christmas Eve to pass healthcare legislation. “I think it’s our responsibility to stretch this out because every day we do we have time to tell Americans what’s in it."

DeMint said Democrats hope “they can pass it before Americans know what’s in it, while people are thinking about Christmas and being with their families.”

Senate Democrats concede that they will have to return to Washington between Christmas and New Year’s Day to pass the increase in the federal debt limit if a single GOP member objects to expediting that vote.
DeMint made clear he will not cooperate.
“We’ll be back here the day after Christmas if Democrats want it,” said DeMint.

Senators from your State.

Reid is just as adamant about passing the healthcare bill before Christmas, a deadline Senate Democrats have talked about for weeks.

“We’re going to finish this healthcare bill before we leave here for the holidays,” Reid said on the Senate floor Thursday.

To meet that goal, Reid has tentatively scheduled a 1 a.m. vote Friday to cut off debate on the defense-spending bill, which also includes an extension of unemployment benefits and COBRA subsidies for people who have lost their jobs. If the Senate votes to quash the filibuster, lawmakers would proceed to final passage after 30 hours of post-cloture debate, or at 7 a.m. Saturday, according to Democratic sources briefed on the plan.

For the Senate to pass healthcare reform by Christmas, as Reid has pledged, the Senate leader would then have to file take a series of necessary procedural steps that would force votes all week at odd hours.

Reid must file motions to end debate on: the manager’s amendment, which includes all the final-hour changes made to win the support of 60 Democratic senators; the 2,074-page healthcare bill, which lawmakers have been debating on the floor; and on the underlying legislative vehicle, the Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act.

Republicans may force Senate clerks to read the entire manager’s amendment but that will not disrupt the schedule. That’s because reading the amendment, which will be shorter than the 2,074-page healthcare bill, is not expected to take more than eight hours.

Reid could offer the manager’s amendment on Saturday morning and keep to his schedule as long as he files cloture sometime before midnight.

Cloture motions need one day to ripen, so the earliest the Senate could vote to end debate on Reid’s manager’s amendment would be 1 a.m. Monday.

Democrats would have to allow 30 hours of post-cloture debate to elapse before voting to approve the manager’s amendment. A second cloture vote to end debate on the initial healthcare bill would happen as early as 7 a.m. Tuesday, followed by another 30 hours of post-cloture debate before a vote to adopt that amendment to the underlying bill.

Democrats would then have to repeat the same process on the third motion to end debate on the underlying bill, setting up a cloture vote at 1 p.m. Wednesday.

At any time, the chamber could move up a final vote if every senator agrees. But if a single senator objects, the earliest a final vote on the final package could take place would be 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

And if Republicans object to fast-tracking the increase in the federal debt limit, as DeMint has threatened, the Senate would be forced to return the following week.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) said Treasury Department officials have informed him that the administration needs new borrowing authority by Dec. 31. Conrad said the administration may be able to extend the deadline for a short time because of loan repayments it has received from Citigroup and other banks.

Conrad said Thursday he expected a Christmas Eve vote to pass the healthcare bill.


The 17 Pivotal Senators – Ben Nelson is the only one who hasn’t caved, but some of these might reconsider with enough pressure~

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) 202-224-4843, Fax: (202) 228-1371
Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) 202-224-5623
Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) 202-224-2551
Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO) 202-224-5852
Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) 202-224-4041, Fax: (202) 224-9750
Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) 202-224-5824
***Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) 202-224-6551, Fax: (202) 228-0012
Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) 202-224-2043
Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) 202-224-6154
Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) 202-224-5274
Sen. John Tester (D-MT) 202-224-2644
Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) 202-224-3004
Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) 202-224-2023
Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) 202-224-6324
Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) 202-224-4024

and Republican is always a question:

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME),((202)224-5344, Fax: (202) 224-1946

Info for all Senators (from your State) etc.

Stand Up Straight and Listen to Your Mother – Written in Prison by Robert F. Creamer, author of the ObamaCare Bill

Can These Household Chemicals Crush Your Son’s Masculinity?

pregnancy, healthy pregnancy, toxins, phthalates, bpa, gender bender chemicals, endocrine disruptors, hormonesElevated levels of two plastic-softening chemicals in pregnant women's urine are linked to less-masculine play behavior by their sons several years later, according to a study published in the International Journal of Andrology. Phthalates, which are used in everything from vinyl floors to plastic tubing and soaps and lotions, are pervasive in the environment and have increasingly become associated with changes in development of the male brain as well as with genital defects, metabolic abnormalities and reduced testosterone in babies and adults.

A team of U.S. and British researchers posed a standard play questionnaire to the parents of 145 preschool-age children. Then they ranked the types of play on a scale from most masculine (such as play fighting or using trucks) to most feminine.

An effect was identified among the sons of women with higher concentrations of di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) in their prenatal urine. On average, those boys scored 8 percent further away from the masculine end of the scale than other boys.


The Washington Post November 24, 2009

International Journal of Andrology November 16, 2009 [Epub Ahead of Print]

Dr. Mercola -December 19 2009

Phthalates are one of several groups of chemicals that have the power to disrupt the endocrine system, both in animals and humans. Nicknamed “gender-benders,” these chemicals are causing the males in many species to become feminized.

Are Men Becoming an Endangered Species?

According to a report issued by ChemTrust last year, HALF of all male fish in British lowland rivers have been found to grow eggs in their testes! And that’s just one eye-opening example of the impact these gender bender chemicals are having on our environment.

Their study lists the symptoms found in each of the numerous species tested, which includes testicular cancer, hermaphrodites, genital deformations, low sperm counts, and infertility.

Numerous other studies over the past eight years confirm that similar dangers are posed to human health, and males are particularly at risk.

Decreased sperm motility and concentration, as well as genital abnormalities in baby boys have been linked to these chemicals.

The fact that endocrine disruptors like phthalates affect the reproductive system in nearly all mammals is becoming rather well known, although governments and public health- and safety organizations are slow to respond.

Why Pregnant Women Need to Become More Health Conscious

Two studies published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives in 2003 found that pregnant women who are exposed to phthalates may be at risk of shortened pregnancy. Women who were exposed to the chemicals gave birth more than one week earlier than women who were not exposed to them.

Although it’s not clear exactly how phthalates impact the developing fetus, it’s believed they may play a role in inducing an intrauterine inflammatory process, which is a well-established risk factor for premature birth.

In addition, the more a pregnant woman is exposed to high levels of phthalates, the greater the risk her son will have smaller genitals and incomplete testicular descent, leading to impaired reproductive development. The chemical also appears to make the overall genital tracts of boys slightly more feminine.

It is believed that phthalates have these adverse effects because they reduce testosterone synthesis by interfering with an enzyme needed to produce the male hormone. This raises yet another worry: What if they also alter other biological processes dependent on this hormone? Why wouldn’t they?

This latest study adds to the growing body of evidence showing the harmful effects these chemicals have on males in particular.

Women who had higher concentrations of two types of phthalates (DEHP, and DBP) also had boys who appeared more feminized in their personality, while playing.

The presence of phthalates in the mothers was not associated with any differences in the girls’ play behavior. However, that is NOT an indication that phthalates are “safe” for women.

They also affect women’s endocrine systems and reproductive health although the effects are different between the genders.

The glands of your endocrine system and the hormones they release influence almost every cell, organ, and function of your body. It is instrumental in regulating mood, growth and development, tissue function, metabolism, as well as sexual function and reproductive processes.

One indication that this is an issue for both male and female is that infertility is on the rise. Girls are also reaching puberty earlier than ever before.

Bovine growth hormones used in food production, soy foods, and bisphenol-A (BPA), just to name a few, add to the problem as they also mimic estrogen and disrupt your endocrine system.

Other studies have linked the chemical to thyroid problems in both women and men, and researchers have also suggested a link between phthalates and illnesses like allergies, asthma, and contact dermatitis, all of which are on the rise in children.

Common Sources of Phthalates

Phthalates, or “plasticizers,” are a group of industrial chemicals used to make plastics like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) more flexible and resilient. They’re one of the most pervasive of the endocrine disrupters.

Phthalates are found in, among other things:

  • Processed food packaging

  • Hoses

  • Raincoats

  • Shower curtains

  • Vinyl flooring and wall coverings

  • Lubricant and adhesives

  • Detergents

  • Beauty products like nail polish, hair spray, shampoo, deodorants, and fragrances

  • Toys

Other Gender-Bender Chemicals to Watch Out For

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are everywhere these days and can be difficult to avoid unless you take decisive steps to limit or eliminate them from your immediate surroundings. This is particularly important if you are pregnant, or planning a pregnancy.

Reading labels is a necessity these days. PVC plastics, which contain phthalates, will oftentimes carry the plastic recycling symbol # 3.

Some of the other gender-bender agents to look out for include:

  • Bisphenol A (BPA) -- a common ingredient in many plastics, including those in reusable water bottles and resins lining some food cans and dental sealants, can change the course of fetal development in a way that increases your risk of breast cancer.
    Plastic items carrying recycling symbol # 7 is oftentimes indicative of a BPA-containing plastic.

  • Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) -- found in grease- and water-resistant coatings like Teflon and Gore-Tex, is a likely carcinogen.

  • Methoxychlor and Vinclozin-- An insecticide and a fungicide respectively, have been found to cause changes to male mice born for as many as four subsequent generations after the initial exposure.

  • Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) -- Known to be potent endocrine disrupters, these chemicals affect gene expression by turning on or off certain genes, and interfere with the way your glandular system works. They mimic the female hormone estrogen, and have been implicated as one reason behind some marine species switching from male to female.

  • Bovine growth hormones commonly added to commercial dairy have been implicated as a contributor to premature adolescence.

  • Soy products, which are loaded with hormone-like substances.

  • MSG -- A food additive that’s been linked to reduced fertility.

  • Fluoride -- This chemical in the U.S. water supply has been linked to lower fertility rates, hormone disruption and low sperm counts.

For more information about the various health hazards inherent with each of these agents, please click on the individual links above.

How to Minimize Your Exposure to Chemicals That Can Harm Your Unborn Baby

In July 2008, the U.S. Congress finally passed legislation banning six types of phthalates from children’s toys and cosmetics. Legislators in Washington, Vermont and California have also restricted phthalate use in children’s goods, and several major retailers, including Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us, Lego, Evenflo and Gerber claim they will phase out phthalate-laden toys voluntarily.

Yet, so many more products contain endocrine disruptors of varying types, it’s far easier to memorize the healthiest options, rather than compiling a never-ending list of items to avoid.

Here are a number of practical techniques you can use to limit your exposure to endocrine disruptors, and other common toxins:

  • As much as possible, buy and eat organic produce and free-range, organic foods to reduce your exposure to pesticides and fertilizers.

  • Rather than eating conventional or farm-raised fish, which are often heavily contaminated with PCBs and mercury, supplement with a high-quality purified fish or krill oil, or eat fish that is wild-caught and lab tested for purity.

  • Eat mostly raw, fresh foods, steering clear of processed, prepackaged foods of all kinds. This way you automatically avoid artificial food additives of all kinds, including dangerous artificial sweeteners, food coloring and MSG.

  • Store your food and beverages in glass rather than plastic, and avoid using plastic wrap.

  • Have your tap water tested and, if contaminants are found, install an appropriate water filter on all your faucets (even those in your shower or bath).

  • Only use natural cleaning products in your home.

  • Switch over to natural brands of toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste, antiperspirants and cosmetics. The Environmental Working Group has a great safety guide to help you find personal care products that are free of phthalates and other potentially dangerous chemicals.

  • Avoid using artificial air fresheners, dryer sheets, fabric softeners or other synthetic fragrances.

  • Replace your Teflon pots and pans with ceramic or glass cookware.

  • When redoing your home, look for “green,” toxin-free alternatives in lieu of regular paint and vinyl floor coverings.

  • Replace your vinyl shower curtain with one made of fabric.

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Alarm Over Gender-Bender Chemical in Household Cleaning Products

Citizen Outreach: ObamaCare Can Still Be Defeated – Keep Up the Pressure


Government Health Care Can Still Be Stopped!

That’s the message from Congressman John Shadegg, a leading voice in the fight against Harry Reid and Nancy’s Pelosi’s efforts to shove ObamaCare up the nation’s wazoo.

“Washington liberals are on the brink of making our health care system worse, not better, and putting you, your family and your friends at risk,” Rep. Shadegg wrote this week. “Their legislation will increase your premiums and raise your taxes.”

Just what the doctor ordered? I don’t think so.

Shadegg notes that the Senate version of ObamaCare now being debated in the Senate “contains $400 billion in tax increases, many of which start in 2010.”

That’s billion….with a capital “B”!

And it flies in the face of the unambiguous promise Barack Obama made to the people of America when he was running for president last year.

“If your family earns less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes increased a single dime. I repeat: not one single dime.”

Then again, technically that’s true.

ObamaCare won’t increase your taxes one single dime. It will, however, as the Wall Street Journal notes, increase “taxes on the middle class by stacks and stacks of dimes.”

“A Senate Finance Committee minority staff report finds that by 2019 more than 42 million individuals and families will on average see their taxes go up because of the Senate bill,” the Journal reports. “And that’s after government subsidies.”

Bend over and cough, Mr. & Mrs. Taxpayer.

And that doesn’t even include the health care premium increases you’re gonna get socked with. Even Congress’ only self-proclaimed Socialist admits it.

“Can I sit up here or stand here with a straight face and say…that if you’re an ordinary person who has employer-based health care that your premiums are not going to go up in the next eight years based on what’s in this bill?” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) said on the Senate floor this week. “I can’t say that. It’s just not accurate.”


And yet, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama will fight to the death (panel) to force this bill on the American people before Christmas.


  • Because they see the writing on the wall.
  • They know that the longer it takes to pass this 2,000-plus(!) page bill, the more the American people will learn about it.
  • And the more the American people learn about this effort to do for health care what the government has done for mail delivery, retirement and education….the less they like it.
  • And the less they like ObamaCare, the less they like Obama himself, and Democrats in general.

Go Here Now


....and are pulling out all the stops to do so.

Indeed, they are stopping at NOTHING to cram this down our throats….including legal bribery….and extortion.

We all know about the now-infamous “Louisiana Purchase” in which Sen. Mary Landrieu sold her vote for ObamaCare to Harry Reid in exchange for $300 million in special benefits for her state.

But blogger Michelle Malkin is reporting this week that Sen. Ben Nelson has now been offered $500 million for his vote….or else.

As reports, Sen. John Ensign said in a radio interview on Wednesday that Harry Reid “is so desperate to get the 60 votes he needs to pass the bill, that opposition Democrats are being threatened with the loss of key programs in their states if they do not support the bill.”

That reportedly includes a threat to close down a key Air Force base in Sen. Nelson’s home state of Nebraska.

Tony Soprano, call your office!

“Issues before Congress should be decided on their merits, not based on bribes and threats,” declares Congressman Shadegg who rightly characterizes Harry Reid’s actions as “Chicago-style thuggery.”

But probably the worst thing about this plan to nationalize our health care system is the plain, undeniable fact that it will result in health care rationing – like what we’re seeing today with the swine flu vaccine – and unnecessary deaths.

“My 25 years as a practicing physician have shown me what happens when government attempts to practice medicine,” Sen. Tom Coburn writes this week. “Doctors respond to government coercion instead of patient cues, and patients die prematurely.”

So this really is a life or death fight….literally.

Indeed, columnist Dan Henninger wrote on Thursday that “This is probably the final death struggle for universal health care” and “Anyone remotely opposed to this idea had better step forward.”

And that’s where you come in.


If you haven’t stepped forward and engaged in this fight yet…it’s not too late.

NOW is the time….because it may be the last chance we’ll have to kill this bill.

TAKE ACTION: Today, tomorrow, this weekend….without fail….please pick up the phone and make just three phone calls to these three senators who remain uncommitted on this bill….

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA)
(202) 224-4024

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE)
(308) 631-7614

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR)
(501) 375-2993

Odds are you’ll get a voice-mail recording. That’s OK.

Senate offices keep a running track of all pro and con calls. The key is to FLOOD their offices with calls and messages in opposition to this bill.

So just leave your name and a short message saying you oppose the national heath care bill. That’s all you need to do.

If the lines are busy (and we hope they are!)….don’t give up. Call back until you get through.


Frankly, your calls now are all that stands between us and a DMV-like government-run health care bureaucracy….which will raise both your taxes and your premiums….while driving down the quality of our health care system….and ushering in the same kind of government rationing we’ve seen with swine flu vaccinations this winter.

So please, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW….pick up the phone….and make those three phone calls before it’s too late.

Yours in Liberty,

Chuck Muth, President
Citizen Outreach

P.S. We beat HillaryCare in 1993.

And we can beat ObamaCare in 2009.

This fight CAN BE WON!

Please call Sens. Webb, Nelson and Lincoln TODAY!

Friday, December 18, 2009


A detailed analysis of the Obama health care program now before the Senate indicates that it will force big premium increases for all families especially for those under 30 years of age.

The study, by the consulting firm of Oliver Wyman, concludes that premiums for individuals will rise by $1,576 and $3,341 for families by under the bill.   Young people will be hit the hardest.  The study predicted that premiums for new health insurance policies purchased by the youngest third of the population would rise by 35% under the bill.

These increases will stem from the bill's provisions that bar insurance companies from raising rates on sick people and from excluding people based on pre-existing conditions.  Both of these mandates will mean higher costs for the younger and healthier population.  This bill is, in effect, a tax on the young.

Nor will subsidies do much to mitigate the impact.  To get a subsidy under the bill you have to earn less than about $80,000 a year (combined household income) and have spent between 2 and 10 percent of your income on premiums.

So a couple making a combined income of $40,000 would have to pay about 5% of their income:  $2,000 before they could get subsidies.  Those making $60,000 would have to pay about 8% of their income -- $4800 - before they could get a subsidy.  And those making $80,000 would have to chip in 10% of their income -- $8,000 - before they would get a subsidy. 

These are hefty bills for young families to bear.

So most won't do it.  The fine for failing to have health insurance is only $750.  So most young people will just pay the fine and be done with it.  When they get sick, they'll get covered and the insurance company can't charge them a higher premium than it would have charged when they were healthy.  And it can't turn them away.

So this bill is not a measure for full national health insurance coverage.  At best, it's a bill that will insure you when you are sick and make the rest of us pay the bill.  And, in the meantime, you'll have to chip in $750 a year for the privilege.

Employers, too, will find it much cheaper to pay the $750 per employee than to buy insurance.

Ironically, there is a good chance that this bill will actually increase the number of uninsured.  Its ban on letting insurers raise rates on sick people will force premiums so high that many people will drop their insurance.  After all, when they get sick, they can and will easily get their insurance back.

Dick Morris –

And as for the old people… we know how negatively it will affect them:  higher costs, rationing and very likely a shorter life for Mom and Dad… and Grandma and Grandpa.

Blanche Lincoln: Constitution Says I Can Force You to Buy Health Insurance

I don’t think so… sister.  I believe that goes against the 10th Amendment in the Constitution.  This one is now telling the American People she can make us buy things.  Louisiana’s buyout Queen takes $300 million as a bribe for her vote and then tells us when asked about constitutionality says, “That is why we have high priced attorneys!”  Hmmm perhaps we all need to question the quality of the people we elect… and make sure they all understand their oath and are forced to take a class between winning their election and being sworn in… or perhaps when  they announce their candidacy!?!

Lieberman essentially sold out over wording, getting the words “Public Option” and program removed from the HarryCare bill, for now, knowing full well that the ultimate outcome will be a single-payer system.  Lieberman’s wife was harassed and threatened with removal from her job for Lieberman’s stand against ObamaCare

Ben Nelson is now being threatened by the White House over the closure of the US Strategic Command Base in his state… and the Circus goes on.

Senator Harkey (D) and Former Senator and Presidential Candidate Bob Dole (R) say Congress will pass anything and declare victory for Obama, because No Matter what passes, even if  a Cake Recipe is passed (including all the hidden freedom stealing and unconstitutional measures in and attached to ObamaCare) they will re-write and amend it later, taking over 1/6 of the American Economy with no positives for the American people, and ultimately put everyone into a single-payer program that will include rationing and higher costs. 

Why are not all clear thinking Americans on the steps of Congress with pitchforks, plaques and some good old fashioned tar??

Monday, December 14, 2009

Code Red – D.C. Anti-Obamacare Rally Dec 15, 2009

Momentum Building for Code Red Rally

It's time we all stop pretending that what is happening with this Obamacare debate is about "helping the uninsured" or "fixing the healthcare system" or "giving the people what they want." It's about none of those things. Its about amassing as much power in a central government as humanly possible. It's about wealth redistribution. It's social engineering at its absolute worst.

The American people must take this political system back from those who have hijacked it in one of the most abhorrent power grabs that we the voters have ever seen. It's the holiday season so the Democrats are counting on you to be otherwise occupied and too busy to stand against their massive expansion of government. Let them underestimate us again just as they did last summer. Let these unrepresentative politicians proceed with their legislative chicanery and self-righteous grandstanding. We can expose them and confront them in the classic American spirit--a public gathering on their doorstep. On December 15th at 1:30pm, we will remind Pelosi, Reid, Schumer et al. that they work for us and not the other way around. We will demand that they follow the will of the people, not dismiss and degrade it by putting future generations into a deficit dungeon. We will put every politician who supports this travesty on notice: enjoy your remaining time in the U.S. Capitol because we're coming for your seat.

The American people will not forget those who turned their backs on us and voted for a bill that they hadn't read and which will do nothing but ensure that one of the best healthcare systems in the world is compromised.

Momentum is building for the Code Red Rally. Get the details here.

Posted by Laura Ingraham at 11:00 PM - Laura on Live Stream


Stop the Healthcare Bill - HR 3590

Posted: True Health Is True Wealth

Friday, December 11, 2009

John Thune & The Senate Health Care Bill – New Compromise is Public Option on Steroids - Updated

I am watching the Senate Healthcare Debate. Senators Wyden, Bayh and Collins are offering a bipartisan amendment to allow people who are not getting subsidies from the government to purchase insurance with a high deductible in order to keep costs down. They actually admitted during the debate that premiums would increase for these people without this amendment. We keep saying WE DON"T WANT THIS BILL and they are saying to us, "this will make it better". They are treating us like children who don't want to take our medicine.

This morning on the Senate floor Senator Mitch McConnell said the recent CNN poll showed that 61% of Americans oppose this bill. I wonder if any of the Democratic Senators care?

It was announced on the Senate floor by Senator Enzi this morning that the CMS (Center for Medicare Services) announced that the Reid bill bends the cost curve up and is unsustainable. I hope the Democrats hear this.

I also just heard Senators McConnell and Johannis on Fox News state that this bill will definitely cost everyone more... as we know the entire premise of reform and cutting costs was a big fat lie. The GOP had the CMS go over the bill and the actuary verified that cost would be much higher than the CBO and Congress are saying and that the cost will continue on an upward curve.

Cavuto (FNC) had a surgeon that said there is also a provision in the new Medicare provision of the HC bill that will only someone 90-days in the hospital in one year. So if you have been in perfect health all your life and never collect a dime from insurance, but all of a sudden come down with a major illness, accident or condition, you will have to pay out of pocket for your hospital stay beyond 90-days, if it all falls into one year.

And the bad news just keeps on coming....

At one point the GOP explored the option of expanding Medicare and they were told that it would cause an immediate death spiral to this already ailing program… yet now the Dems are selling this as their Public Option.

Add the above to:

There is a crisis, and it appears to be located in the U.S. Senate. My esteemed Keloland colleague and colleague Emeritus, David Newquist, has this:

John Thune has become the voice of the GOP–Groundless Obstinence and Petulance–according to the Huffington Post. He says his party will unanimously oppose any health care reform, no matter what is proposed.

For someone who complains a lot when he thinks that others have distorted his words, he seems very careless in describing what Senator Thune said or what the Huffington Post said he said. The Huffington Post article he links to makes it clear in the title that Thune was only speaking about "the Newest Heath Care Compromise," and hardly ruling out GOP support for any bill.

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) told the Huffington Post that he did not think the dropping of a public option for insurance coverage from the bill would be enough for Democrats to win even the support of moderate Republican Senators Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins, both of Maine.

"I just think that our side believes that it is a really bad idea to take a program that is already sinking and put more people into it."

Here is how the Washington Post describes the "newest" idea that Reid is floating:

The 11th-hour "compromise" on health-care reform and the public option supposedly includes an expansion of Medicare to let people ages 55 to 64 buy into the program.

This deal, which the WaPo dates back to the Clinton Administration, seems designed to get something like a "public option" into the bill without calling it a public option. Republican opposition may be obstinate and petulant, or maybe not; however, it is hardly groundless. The WaPo points out that it is difficult to tell what effect this "buy in" would have on the reform scheme.

Presumably, the expanded Medicare program would pay Medicare rates to providers, raising the question of the spillover effects on a health-care system already stressed by a dramatic expansion of Medicaid. Will providers cut costs -- or will they shift them to private insurers, driving up premiums? Will they stop taking Medicare patients or go to Congress demanding higher rates? Once 55-year-olds are in, they are not likely to be kicked out, and the pressure will be on to expand the program to make more people eligible. The irony of this late-breaking Medicare proposal is that it could be a bigger step toward a single-payer system than the milquetoast public option plans rejected by Senate moderates as too disruptive of the private market.

As the perhaps obstinate and petulant, but hardly Republican WaPo presents it, there is no way to predict what unintended consequences may follow.

But Republican opposition is based on broader considerations. Expanding Medicare would be a step towards a single payer plan. But it was also mean expanding a program that is on schedule to go broke in only a few years. It also looks like more sleight of hand on the Democrat's part. They are already counting on dramatic cuts in Medicare to make other parts of the bill look more affordable. As the WaPo points out, Medicare reimbursement rates are already too low to sustain hospital and doctor care, which results in a shift of costs to private insurance. The medical establishment is vehemently criticizing the idea.

This looks like a big mess. Rumors that a deal has been reached appear to be greatly exaggerated. I am not even certain that there is a coherent idea here. Meanwhile the petulant and obstinate public continues to oppose the bill by wide margins. Quinnipiac and Rasmussen put the 52% opposed/38% in favor, and 51/41 respectively. Worse news for reform is the CNN poll, which has 61% opposed and only 36% in favor. That's the first time to my knowledge that opposition has risen above 60%. If it's on track, the CNN poll is disastrous news for Harry Reid.

In opposing the Senate reform bill, Senator Thune is not only exercising common sense. He is standing on behalf of the majority of the American people.

Posted by Ken Blanchard

WASHINGTON - -- The unexpected new proposal for breaking the impasse over the so-called public option won President Barack Obama's endorsement Wednesday and sent hopes surging among a wide array of Democrats that the way may be clearing to pass their massive Senate health care bill by Christmas.
The deal, which emerged late Tuesday night after days of secret negotiations, would eliminate the new government-run insurance plan that many liberals had seen as the linchpin of meaningful reform.

But paradoxically, what lies at the heart of the compromise may be a more durable, if initially smaller, form of the public option: an expansion of Medicare, the huge federal health insurance program for seniors, to include millions of Americans ages 55 through 64.

And by enlarging Medicare eligibility, the compromise could sharply expand the base of political support, giving ordinary Americans a concrete stake in what many may have seen as a distant battle among drug companies, doctors and other interests.
Under the deal hammered out by 10 Democratic negotiators, potentially millions of Americans 55 to 64 could sign up for a program that has become a vital safety net for the country's retirees since it was created more than four decades ago.
That prospect has excited some proponents of creating a single-payer system, who saw even the weak government program in the original bill as a "camel's nose under the tent" in their drive to ensure that all Americans get a government-provided insurance plan.

"Expanding Medicare is an unvarnished, complete victory for people like me," said Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y. "It's the mother of all public options. We've taken something people know and expanded it. ... Never mind the camel's nose, we've got his head and neck under the tent."

Todd Swim, a partner with the health benefits consulting firm Mercer, said a Medicare expansion could also have profound effects on employers and their workers.

"Access to medical care is one of the biggest inhibitors to retiring early, and a lot of people are going to be looking at that as an option," he said.

Although Americans in this age group are more likely to have insurance than those in their 20s or 30s, they often have a very difficult time getting coverage because many have pre-existing medical conditions.

Next year, most Medicare beneficiaries will pay a monthly premium of $110.50.

"The price point will be much more affordable than any option they have," Swim said.

Chicago Tribune

**Everyone I have heard talk about this today has said that this new Medicare enlargement will absolutely bring us to a single payer system much much sooner than any of the other options in any of the other bills. They took out the "Public Option" wording and intend to roll over us and pass this regardless of what we want. The GOP has been standing up but the Dems are not listening to anything they say. We absolutely need to keep up the pressure and hammer the possible fence sitters letting them know that if they vote for this this are out, even if they are not up for election in 2010.

I heard Lieberman earlier today blabbering on about he didn't know what was in this new version/compromise. Who cares what is in it.... We don't want the whole thing and we know whatever is in it, it is full of lies and bad things. Lieberman needs to vote no and we really need to pressure him!!!!!!!!!!!

A True Tale of Canadian (Socialized) Healthcare - Video


Gleeful Begala: Expanding Medicare is the 'Ultimate Public Option'

Medicare Sausage?

House Democrat: Senate Public Option 'Compromise' Is a Total Victory for Fans of ... Single-Payer

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The New Healthcare Compromise… Feel Better??

Code Red Rally Tuesday 1:30pm Dec 15th US Capitol

Join Laura Ingraham in Washington DC on December 15h

It's time we all stop pretending that what is happening with this Obamacare debate is about "helping the uninsured" or "fixing the healthcare system" or "giving the people what they want." It's about none of those things. Its about amassing as much power in a central government as humanly possible. It's about wealth redistribution. It's social engineering at its absolute worst.

The American people must take this political system back from those who have hijacked it in one of the most abhorrent power grabs that we the voters have ever seen. It's the holiday season so the Democrats are counting on you to be otherwise occupied and too busy to stand against their massive expansion of government. Let them underestimate us again just as they did last summer. Let these unrepresentative politicians proceed with their legislative chicanery and self-righteous grandstanding. We can expose them and confront them in the classic American spirit--a public gathering on their doorstep. On December 15th at 1:30pm, we will remind Pelosi, Reid, Schumer et al. that they work for us and not the other way around. We will demand that they follow the will of the people, not dismiss and degrade it by putting future generations into a deficit dungeon. We will put every politician who supports this travesty on notice: enjoy your remaining time in the U.S. Capitol because we're coming for your seat.

The American people will not forget those who turned their backs on us and voted for a bill that they hadn't read and which will do nothing but ensure that one of the best healthcare systems in the world is compromised.

In the meantime keep calling, faxing and emailing the Senate:

Starting with the 17 fence sitting senators on this bill and tell them VOTE NO… or you will go, no matter what the amendments they add to this bill to falsify the real goals of the bill and program!! All clear thinking Americans realize that if anything is this secretive and one sided… it has to be bad!!


(Earlier today they came to a possible compromise… the compromise includes (temporarily doing away with the public option). Instead they will enlarge Medicare, after they already cut a lot of the basic services, to include a lot more people, with a provision that if this does not work… a public option will kick in. And Obama is ready to start transferring all medical records from paper to a central government controlled database which will eventually include all your financial records and give government access to all that info… which they then want to implant on an RFID chip to be implanted under your skin. Provisions for the “overseer and head of the death panel “has already been passed as part of a previous bill in anticipation that this bill would pass and that Americans would rollover!

17 Senators
Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) 202-224-4843, Fax: (202) 228-1371
Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) 202-224-5623
Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) 202-224-2551
Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO) 202-224-5852
Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) 202-224-4041, Fax: (202) 224-9750
Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) 202-224-5824
Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) 202-224-6551, Fax: (202) 228-0012
Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) 202-224-2043
Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) 202-224-6154
Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) 202-224-5274
Sen. John Tester (D-MT) 202-224-2644
Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) 202-224-3004
Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) 202-224-2023
Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) 202-224-6324
Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) 202-224-4024

and Republican:

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME),((202)224-5344, Fax: (202) 224-1946

Info for all Senators (from your State) etc.

Stand Up Straight and Listen to Your Mother – Written in Prison by Robert F. Creamer, author of the ObamaCare Bill

There Was "The Republican Alternative" - (American Spectator)

Barry, Harry, Queen Pelosi… and oh yes Steny (heard him yesterday with Greta Van Susteren) keep telling us that the GOP have had no ideas and no plan for healthcare reform; they are just the party of no. Well, if anyone really believes that then they haven’t paid attention and they really are as dumb or brainwashed as the radical progressive Dems and their followers think we/you are.

In reality, the Republicans had more than several options for bills and pulled them together into HR3400 (summary below) and have introduced amendment after amendment to try to bring the Obamacare bill (written by a Soros/ACORN associated felon and friend of the Obama Administration) into a partially workable bill with at least a little reform in it and to stop the complete erosion of healthcare for the American people, since the Dems are H_ll bent on forcing this disastrous plan down our throats, even tough only 26% of uninformed and Kook Aid drinkers support it.

By the way, there are numerous doctors in the House and Senate, most are Republicans, who have been trying to get a meeting (either individually or in a group) with Obama to review, discuss and give some input to this bill since April 2009(8 months). April is the last time the WH has agreed to a meeting or to including the GOP in any debate or meeting either in the White House or on Capitol Hill. Oh and Obama’s grandstand offer of meeting with anyone who’d like to and going through the HC bill … never happened, because the WH would not even respond to the requests of those wanting to meet.

The Republican Alternative
By Peter Ferrara on 11.18.09 @ 6:08AM

Democrats have been telling us all year that the Republicans have no health reform alternative. They are just the party of no! So we must have all been hallucinating when, lo and behold, just before the recent House vote on the Pelosi/Obama government health care takeover bill, there was a vote on…the Republican alternative.

Exactly the opposite of the House Democrat health plan, the Republican alternative would actually reduce the cost of health insurance and care. It would also expand coverage and provide a safety net ensuring that no one would be excluded from essential health coverage or care. It would also expand consumer choice and control over health care.

At the same time, the Republican plan involves no tax increases, no Medicare cuts, no rationing, and no increased deficits now or in the future. Exactly how all this is accomplished is fully explained below.

Lower Costs

The Republican plan allows insurers to sell health insurance across state lines. This would greatly expand competition, enabling the more than 1,000 private insurance companies to each compete nationally. That vastly increased competition would reduce health insurance premiums and costs. It would also greatly expand consumer freedom of choice.

We hear liberal complaints about areas within some states that only have a couple of insurance companies competing. That is entirely due to government regulation. We see ads for car insurance, and every other type of insurance, competing nationally all the time.

There is no reason why we can't enjoy the same for health insurance.
The Republican plan, of course, includes medical liability tort reform modeled after successful reforms in California and Texas. This would sharply reduce costly junk lawsuits and the resulting costly defensive medicine pursued just to protect against frivolous claims. Democrats crassly oppose this because of the enormous contributions they receive from Plaintiffs' attorneys, which has been openly admitted.

The Republican plan would further reduce costs by enhancing Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), which are themselves a Republican reform fundamentally changing health care by introducing market incentives to reduce costs. Individuals with HSAs keep most of their money for health care in a savings account, earning tax-free interest, with the rest going to purchase a high-deductible, catastrophic insurance policy. The premium cost for such catastrophic coverage, with deductibles generally ranging from $2,000 to $6,000 a year, is much lower than for standard, low-deductible health insurance, allowing the savings in the account to grow quickly to cover the entire deductible. Patients with HSAs are free to use the money in their accounts for any health care, including preventive care, check-ups, prescriptions, dental care, eye care, and the full range of alternative medicine. Nothing could do more to increase consumer freedom of choice and to put patients in control of their own health care.

Money kept in HSAs can be used for health care in later years, or for anything in retirement. So patients are effectively using their own money for non-catastrophic care. That provides powerful incentives to avoid overly costly or unnecessary care and to look for doctors and hospitals that can provide quality care at lower cost, creating real market competition to reduce costs.

The Republican House alternative would allow consumers to use funds saved in HSAs to pay for the catastrophic insurance covering costs above the deductible. Broadly expanding HSAs across the entire health system, including Medicare and Medicaid, would essentially solve the health cost problem.

CBO confirms that this Republican alternative plan would reduce health insurance costs, exactly the opposite of the Pelosi/Obama plan that CBO confirms would increase health insurance costs. The CBO analysis shows that for millions of families health insurance premiums would be almost $5,000 per year less under this GOP plan than the cheapest health insurance under the Pelosi bill.

Expanded Coverage and a Safety Net

The GOP alternative also includes several provisions to expand health insurance coverage. Most important are the Universal Access Programs that would expand uninsurable risk pools to ensure that all Americans would be able to obtain coverage for any pre-existing condition. The uninsured who become too sick to buy private health insurance covering their condition can turn to their state's risk pool for coverage. They are charged premiums for such coverage based on their ability to pay. Each state then subsidizes its uninsurable risk pool to ensure that it could cover all costs.

Few people become truly uninsurable because of their health condition, so the risk pools are a low cost solution. But trying to force these people into the same market risk pools as everyone else through such policies as guaranteed issue (requiring insurers to accept all applicants for coverage regardless of health condition) and community rating (requiring insurers to charge everyone the same regardless of health condition) just ruins health insurance for the general public, making it too expensive and sharply increasing the uninsured as a result. Providing for the uninsurable separately through their own pool is consequently a much better policy.
The GOP plan would also enable small businesses to pool together to offer health insurance at lower prices, like big corporations and labor unions, which would further increase coverage. The proposal would also allow and encourage coverage for young adults on their parents' insurance through age 25. And though this has already been the law for many years, the Republican plan would also expressly prohibit insurers from canceling health insurance policies as long as payments continue, unless the insured commits fraud or conceals a material fact about a health condition.

The lower costs from the provisions above would also expand health coverage, as lower insurance costs reduce the number of uninsured. Wider availability of low cost HSA insurance would also expand coverage.

Blue Dog Fraud

Again, exactly the opposite of the House Democrat health care scheme, this Republican plan includes no tax increases, no Medicare cuts, and no health care rationing. In sharp contrast, the latest numbers from CBO show the costs of the Pelosi plan already exploding. Once that plan is fully phased in, over the first 10 years (2014-2023) total government spending would increase by over $3 trillion, not the $1 trillion that has been so widely reported. Total Medicare cuts over those 10 years would be over $1 trillion, and total tax increases would run over $1 trillion as well.

Yet, not one of the supposedly fiscal conservative Blue Dog Democrats voted for this Republican plan. Every single Democrat in the House voted against it. The so-called Blue Dog Democrat phenomenon is a scam. These Democrats were elected to the House in conservative districts on the promise that they were, honest to God, real conservatives. But once elected, they play a game with the left-wing House Democrat leadership providing just enough votes to pass Pelosi/Obama socialism every time, with the rest free to vote against it to keep the scam going back home. Whenever the leadership needs their vote, however, they are there.

It is these Blue Dog Democrats that keep the ultraleft House Democrat leadership in power, from Speaker Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco, to Banking Committee Chairman Barney Frank from Boston, to Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman from Hollywood, to Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charley Rangel from Harlem, to Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers from Detroit. If this is not the kind of leadership you want for America, then the so-called Blue Dog Democrats all need to be replaced.

The Democrats' Death Panel for Grandma

Whether they vote for any of the Obamacare bills or not, the so-called Blue Dogs in both the House and the Senate are enabling the ultraleft Democrat Congressional leadership in the passage of legislation that imposes government health care rationing on seniors under Medicare, which will deny them essential health care, and begins the implementation of such rationing for everyone else.

Included in these Democrat health bills is a new, unelected, Medicare "Commission" which would implement a new "global budget" for Medicare each year. That global budget would set an arbitrary limit on how much would be spent on health care for seniors every year. The Commission is to enforce that budget by deciding what health care treatments, procedures, surgeries, drugs, etc. would be covered under Medicare and paid for, and which would not. If the Commission decides that the expensive surgery or treatment that Grandma needs to stay alive is just not worth the cost, then the doctors will just come to tell you they are sorry, but there is nothing they can do.

The Wall Street Journal explained the result on Monday by quoting prominent health economist Alain Enthoven, who "has likened a global budget to ‘bombing from 35,000 feet, where you don't see the faces of the people you kill.'" The Journal explained further:
"The hard budget cap means there is only so much money to be divvied up for care, with no account for demographic changes, such as longer life spans, or for the increasing incidence of diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. Worse, it makes little room for medical innovations. The commission is mandated to go after "sources of excessive cost growth" meaning treatments that are too expensive or whose coverage will boost spending. If researchers find a pricey treatment for Alzheimer's in 2020, that might be banned because it would add new costs and bust the global budget. Or it might decide that "Maybe you're better off not having the surgery, but taking the pain-killer," as President Obama put it in June."

No true liberal would support allowing the government to play God in this way, deciding who will live and who will die. But today's so-called liberals are so fiercely partisan now that they have become mentally disengaged. They refuse to even consider any conservative or Republican arguments on any issue, from global warming, to tax policy, to economic policy, to the budget. As a result, they have become dangerous people. What they are supporting is an outright assault on the health care of America's seniors. But they don't have a clue.

The House Republican health bill alternative not only includes no such rationing or Medicare cuts. It actually tries to roll back rationing provisions that have already been adopted. The Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness is a new bureaucracy created in the so-called stimulus bill. President Obama's Council of Economic Advisors explained the role of "comparative effectiveness" in controlling health costs in a report it issued in June, "The Economic Case for Health Reform." The government bureaucracy in Washington would decide what health care works and what doesn't for everybody. It would then enforce its decisions through the payment system for doctors and hospitals. Those doctors and hospitals that don't follow the received wisdom of the wise and all-knowing federal bureaucrats would be penalized in their payments for your care, if they get paid at all.

The Journal again further explained this policy on Monday, saying:
"The reason that physician discretion -- not Washington's cost minded judgments -- is at the core of medicine is that usually there are no "right" answers. The data from large clinical trials produce generic conclusions that rarely apply to individual patients, who have vastly different biologies, response rates to treatments, and often multiple conditions. A breakthrough drug like Herceptin, which is designed for a certain genetic subset of breast cancer patients, might well be ruled out under such a standardized approach."

You might think that your doctor who knows you and your illness would know what will work for you and what won't far better than faraway government bureaucrats that don't know you at all. But don't tell that to today's Washington Democrats, who know everything about everything, and don't need to hear anything from anybody.
This health care rationing involves a radical decline in America's standard of living. Today, Americans enjoy the best, most advanced, high tech, patient-centered health care in the world, devoted to improving and saving their lives. But after the Democrats get through imposing their throwback socialized medicine philosophy, this will all be gone, and we will suffer with the same third rate health care as in other socialized medicine systems around the world.

This suits President Obama, whose "moral" vision is that America is just another country, and that it is embarrassingly immoral for America to have more prosperity or power than anyone else. That is why all of his policies are leading to this same dead end for America.

Peter Ferrara is director of entitlement and budget policy at the Institute for Policy Innovation, and general counsel of the American Civil Rights Union. He served in the White House Office of Policy Development under President Reagan, and as Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States under the first President Bush. He is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School.

If you haven’t figured out, you are being had big time, with this bill. If you have figured it out, you need to signing every petition including for impeachment of the 4 people above and removal of the czar system, joining rallies, sit-ins, tea parties and going to your representatives and Senator’s offices (both local and in DC) and be willing to do whatever it takes to stop this bill from becoming law. Oh and by the way, according to the 10th amendment of our constitution, the government cannot force you to buy healthcare. And demand judicial reviews and the over-turning of any laws and bills that are unconstitutional.

Stand up America, this HC Bill, Cap and Trade (or whatever they call it like the (ClimateGate involved) EPA Greenhouse Gases Declaration) and the non-stop spending to ruin our economy are part of a much bigger plan that has nothing to do with making anything better for the average American, for “YOU”

At the very least: call, fax and email your and the 17 fence sitting senators on this bill and tell them VOTE NO… or you will go, no matter what the amendments they add to this bill to falsify the real goals of the bill and program!! All clear thinking Americans realize that if anything is this secretive and one sided… it has to be bad!!


(Earlier today they came to a possible compromise… the compromise includes (temporarily doing away with the public option). Instead they will enlarge Medicare, after they already cut a lot of the basic services, to include a lot more people, with a provision that if this does not work… a public option will kick in. And Obama is ready to start transferring all medical records from paper to a central government controlled database which will eventually include all your financial records and give government access to all that info… which they then want to implant on an RFID chip to be implanted under your skin. Provisions for the “overseer and head of the death panel “has already been passed as part of a previous bill in anticipation that this bill would pass and that Americans would rollover!

17 Senators
Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) 202-224-4843, Fax: (202) 228-1371
Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) 202-224-5623
Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) 202-224-2551
Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO) 202-224-5852
Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) 202-224-4041, Fax: (202) 224-9750
Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) 202-224-5824
Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) 202-224-6551, Fax: (202) 228-0012
Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) 202-224-2043
Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) 202-224-6154
Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) 202-224-5274
Sen. John Tester (D-MT) 202-224-2644
Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) 202-224-3004
Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) 202-224-2023
Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) 202-224-6324
Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) 202-224-4024

and Republican:

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME),((202)224-5344, Fax: (202) 224-1946

Info for all Senators (from your State) etc.

Stand Up Straight and Listen to Your Mother – Written in Prison by Robert F. Creamer, author of the ObamaCare Bill