Saturday, March 14, 2015

Doctors Are Easily Offended…

By Marion Algier – THITW/AskMarion

I saw this in our local paper and laughed out loud while simultaneously feeling a twinge inside.  I just asked my gynecological oncologist a few questions about what I thought was a scary ‘next phase’ of treatment for my Cancer. And after having missed by ‘big” next step appointment because of an emergency, she has not called, emailed or rescheduled my appointment.  She had her NP respond to approximately 15 questions I had posed via email, since she missed my appointment, and her response was:

It does not matter why your lymph nodes are swollen.

If the goal is a cure then you need to have the proposed radiation treatment plan.

And perhaps you should get a second opinion, which might help you in your discussion with the (her) hospital radiation oncologist teammate.

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Doctors Are Easily Offended

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