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Mark Brunell: NFL needs to crack down on marijuana

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Former NFL QB Says Mark Brunell: Weed Ruins Lives

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Posted by Michael David Smith on February 7, 2014, 8:01 PM EST at NBC Sports

As American attitudes toward marijuana change, the NFL is no different: Players have come out recently to say it’s time for the league to stop testing them for pot, and although NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t ready to go that far, Goodell did open the door to the possibility of players using marijuana for medicinal reasons.

But not everyone in and around the NFL is on board with relaxing rules against reefer. Former NFL quarterback Mark Brunell, now a commentator for ESPN, said on SportsCenter today that far from allowing players to smoke pot, the NFL needs to be cracking down on them.

“I believe it’s harmful,” Brunell said. “I believe it has a negative effect on not only NFL players but anybody that does it. . . . Testing should be increased.”

With some NFL players saying it’s easy to beat marijuana testing, Brunell said that proves the NFL has to make that testing more stringent.

“I think if you’re going to test for marijuana, it needs to be random, it needs to be often,” Brunell said. “It has to be stricter, just like the performance-enhancing drug testing is going to be strict.”

Most of the players who have spoken about marijuana testing have taken the opposite view. But Brunell’s view may be the majority view among NFL owners. Which means the players have an uphill battle if they want to see the rules of drug testing change.

Marijuana as medicine has become such a hot topic for the NFL that even ESPN is talking about it these days. In the wake of current defensive backs Antonio Cromartie’s and Ryan Clark’s comments that weed shouldn’t be tested for and can help players cope with pain/stress, ESPN asked former NFL QB and current analyst Mark Brunell for his take on the dank.

Brunell, who works for ESPN after losing $50 million in bad investments, made comments, maintaining that the NFL should increase its testing of cannabis (randomly and all the time) because the plant is a threat to society.

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