Friday, May 4, 2012

BREAKING: Pepsi Stops Using Aborted Fetal Cell Lines to Test Flavors

After months of pro-life protests and opposition, PepsiCo has indicated it will no longer contract with biotech firm Senomyx Inc., which uses cells from a baby killed in an abortion to conduct flavor testing.

The second largest beverage company in the world contracted with the firm in a $30 million deal in August 2010 and once Debi Vinnedge of the pro-life group Children of God for Life uncovered the connection, numerous pro-life groups, including LifeNews, joined together to promote a boycott of Pepsi until it ends the Senomyx contract.

Vinnedge informed LifeNews today of Pepsi’s decision and hailed it as a major breakthrough and achievement by thousands of concerned consumers who have been writing and boycotting PepsiCo beverages since last May.


This is a great victory and should be an eye-opener to those who either hadn’t heard it about this or just couldn’t wrap their heads around the reality.

Not familiar with this issue?  See: Senomyx: Pepsi Ignores Criticism on Use of Aborted Cells in Research

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