Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SICK & SICKER: ObamaCare Canadian Style–Please Take the Time to Watch This

This presentation of the movie SICK & SICKER is sponsored by the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons. However, instant downloads, DVDs and screening packages are available at http://www.sickandsickermovie.com or by calling 310-795-2509.
Where will ObamaCare lead America?

Logan Darrow Clements shows what happens when "the government becomes your doctor" using licensed news footage from Canadian TV, interviews with doctors, patients, journalists, a health minister, a Member of Parliament, a doctor who went on a hunger strike as well the producer's own Canadian relatives. Clements even rents a hospital to show the mismatch between supply and demand in a medical system run by politicians. SICK and SICKER puts ObamaCare on ice with cold hard facts from Canada. (widescreen, color, 50 minutes)

This is an important watch, if you haven’t seen it, and timely since the Supreme Court of the United States is hearing arguments right now on overturning the entire law as well as just the individual mandate.

Video: SICK & SICKER: ObamaCare Canadian Style  - Please take the time to watch

Video: Obama Argues Against Obamacare

--> Listen to Audio of Supreme Court over Obamacare <--

Day One of the Supreme Court ObamaCare Hearings  -  Day One ObamaCare Hearing Summary

First words leaking from the court room after day two is that Judge Kennedy appeared to be leaning toward overturning the mandate based on his questions.  -  Day Two ObamaCare Hearing Summary to come… Please check back later.

March 23rd Second Anniversary of ObamaCare… March 26th a Future Day in American Infamy?

The 5 possible fates of 'ObamaCare'

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