Saturday, July 5, 2014

1,295,571 Obamacare Enrollees Are Illegals

I believe what makes me the maddest about this particular situation is that I have 3-friends, Americans in their late-50’s and early 60’s (in California) who have lost their jobs over the past few years, and all 3 have been turned down for coverage under ObamaCare.  Then they were told that they would be contacted my MediCal for possible coverage… and after 6-months, not one has heard a word from them or anyone.  Welcome to Obamaland… Welcome to ObamaCare… Welcome to Socialized Medicine and Progressivism.  Now people in Central America are being told that America’s borders are open and to come in now…

by Wynton Hall – Originally Posted on 1 Jul 2014 at

A devastating new Health and Human Services (HHS) Inspector General report released on Tuesday reveals that the Obama administration has yet to determine whether 1,295,571 of the over 8 million Obamacare enrollees are U.S. citizens lawfully in the country.

The finding, located on page 11 of the report, states that 44% of the remaining 2,611,780 application "inconsistencies" are related to verifying "Citizenship/national status/lawful presence." Another 960,492 application inconsistencies were related to verifying whether subsidy applicants provided accurate income information. 

Moreover, the Inspector General report only covered the federal Obamacare exchanges to determine how the Obama administration resolved verification problems through December 2013. As for the 15 state-run Obamacare exchanges, the report says four--Oregon, Nevada, Vermont, and Massachusetts--are simply "unable to resolve inconsistencies." 

As the Washington Post reported in May, as many as one million Obamacare enrollees may be receiving incorrect taxpayer-funded subsidies due to Obamacare's continued technical failures and inability to properly verify income and citizenship eligibility. 

One year ago, conservatives warned that the Obama administration's decision to use the so-called "honor system" for income eligibility was merely a backdoor way to get as many individuals on the public dole as possible.

The Office of Inspector General determined that "the federal marketplace was generally incapable of resolving most inconsistencies."   

Obamacare will cost U.S. taxpayers $2.6 trillion over the next ten years.   


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