Friday, September 27, 2013

Rand Paul on ObamaCare Battle

Video: Paul: ObamaCare’s Free… and They Still Can’t Sell It

NewsMax:  Sen. Rand Paul: Delaying ObamaCare Would Be a 'Victory'

Delaying the Affordable Care Act for a year would be a "victory" for Congress and the nation, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul said Thursday.

Paul told "The Steve Malzberg Show" lawmakers have to "do anything we can to stop the monster."

"I’d just as soon get rid of the whole thing but if we can't get rid of the whole thing (at least not now), we ought to do everything we can to make it less bad," he said. ". . . If we can slow down or derail ObamaCare for a year, that would be a victory."

Rand chided President Barack Obama "with his kingly powers" for amending the new healthcare law "after the fact," including subsidies for congressional staffers.

"He isn't asking us about any of these things," Rand said. "This is legislation that he's amending after the fact. It's blatantly unconstitutional, it's illegal, but he just goes right on doing it."

And he praised Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for his historic 21-hour speech on the Senate floor, saying "it was a great feat of stamina" that "brought a lot of attention to an important problem."

Even some Democrats see "real problems" with the new law, he said.

"The Teamsters Union came out and said, 'look, we're not happy to pay a tax on our good healthcare benefits we have now,'" he noted. "Ex-President Bill Clinton [is] also saying, 'you know what, a lot of people are going to be required to buy this insurance but aren't going to be able to afford it because we're driving the prices up.'" (But as usual, Ex-President Bill Clinton is talking out of both sides of his mouth.  He was also simultaneously attacking Fox News for presenting all sides of the argument as promoting division, rather than educating the voters and presenting a fair and balanced presentation of the facts.)

Rand said whether the Senate passes a continuing resolution with "some modification to ObamaCare" or passes a CR "in the short term and it does nothing . . . I can't, in good conscience, vote to fund ObamaCare."

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