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As We Face 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Justin Bieber’s Mom Hopes to ‘Encourage Young Women All Over the World’ Wi New Anti-Abortion Film

On 40 years of Roe v. Wade

TPN: Today is the 40th Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in all 50 states. As we remember that decision today, a dispute rages in the conservative movement. Some conservatives say we should abandon social issues all together and some say we should embrace them.

What does Roe v. Wade mean to the conservative movement?

Roe v. Wade is marked as the beginning of legalized abortion in this nation.

That is not true.

Abortion was legal in some states and illegal in others. If you have ever read the Roe decision, and I had to in law school, you can only come away with the conclusion that Harry Blackmun was either senile or had his own private stash of LSD in his chambers. Roe has got to be one of the most delusional pieces of writing ever to escape the Supreme Court.

What has the result of Roe been?

It has created the multi-billion dollar Planned Parenthood racket. It has solidified the Democrats as the Party of Corruption.

Most experts say since Roe there have been 55 million abortions in the United States. Regardless of whether you think abortion should be legal or not, think about that for a second. We are a nation of 300 million and since 1973 there have been 55 million abortions.

Does anyone think this has been a good thing?

55 million children have been aborted (murdered) since Roe v. Wade was passed.

Among those who have been aborted were some who would have been star athletes, military heroes, business leaders and who were never born.

55 Million abortions is simply appalling.

In this day and age, abortions should be almost non-existent. We have effective birth control today. If you can’t figure out how to use to birth control, you definitely have no business having sex, unless you want children.

The real result of Roe has been the creation of a cash cow for the Democrats and another massive special interest group.

In 2011, Planned Parenthood received $542 million dollars from the taxpayer. Their primary and virtually only service is abortion.

Why are American taxpayers paying this money to Planned Parenthood?

Congressman Marsha Blackburn has introduced a bill in Congress H.R. 61, which would defund Planned Parenthood.

Regardless of whether you believe abortion should be legal or not, the government has no business funding it. We have no business funding an entity that simply turns around and contributes money to Democrats who will then vote for more funding for Planned Parenthood.

Roe v. Wade has been a disaster for America. Planned Parenthood has been a disaster for America. One of the best things we can do for America is to defund Planned Parenthood.

Call your Congressman and ask them to support Congressman Marsha Blackburn and co-sponsor H.R. 61.

Justin Biebers Mom Executive Produces Anti Abortion Film for Pregnancy Clinics

Justin Bieber, right, and Pattie Mallette arrive at the 40th Anniversary American Music Awards on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012, in Los Angeles. (Photo: AP)

(TheBlaze/AP) — Justin Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, is an executive producer on an upcoming anti-abortion short film.

The makers of “Crescendo” hope to raise $10 million for pregnancy centers at screenings worldwide starting Feb. 28. Mallette herself will appear at some of these, said production company Movie to Movement on Friday.

The pop star’s mother has written and spoken extensively about the addiction and abuse that led to her teenage pregnancy.

“I knew that I had to do what it took,” the 37-year-old mother wrote in her book Nowhere but Up. “I just couldn’t abort him.”

Mallette said in a statement she hopes her involvement with “Crescendo” will “encourage young women all over the world, just like me, to let them know that there is a place to go, people who will take care of you and a safe home to live in if you are pregnant and think you have nowhere else to turn.”

Here’s what Gawker had to say on the matter:

Poor Justin Bieber. When he’s not the subject of a murder/castration plot or, worse, being mocked by James Franco, he’s getting embarrassed by his mom, Pattie Mallette, who executive produced a pro-life film coming out soon…

Of course, Bieber probably isn’t completely embarrassed by the move; after all, two years ago he went on the record as being pro-life (“I really don’t believe in abortion. It’s like killing a baby?”). Then again, in that same interview Bieber said “Whatever they have in Korea, that’s bad” when asked about political parties, so we probably shouldn’t put too much stock in his opinions on anything, not that any of us necessarily were.

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America passes 55 million abortion mark

After the attack on 9/11 many were asking why God had let this happen… why God had abandoned us, the U.S.  Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham’s daughter, said it was us that moved away from God through our tolerance of Progressive Secularism and Atheism, our tolerance of the murder of innocents… 55 million through abortion, our tolerance of bestiality and our movement, as a country, away from God as we abandon the Judeo-Christian principles we were founded on.

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