Saturday, August 18, 2012

Obama’s Stealth Move Towards Single Payer Healthcare

The Independent Sentinel - By Sara Noble

Obama is attempting to force a single payer system on the American people and he is doing it by stealth means. Even worse, he’s doing it through the IRS.

Tax credits and subsidies meant for state healthcare exchanges are now being steered towards federal exchanges thanks to a new IRS rule which is clearly an attempt to put more power over healthcare in the hands of the federal government.

Obama, through the IRS, is trying to circumvent the Obamacare law and set up a huge national healthcare exchange subsidized by taxpayers which would lead to a single payer system.

It is taxation without representation since no one agreed to this. It is an administrative fiat using the IRS to rewrite the law and then enforce it.

This is what socialists do – they use rules, executive orders, and agencies to seize power. In this case, Obama wants to nationalize healthcare.

The rule gives the federal government power over states. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that states could opt out of Obamacare but this new rule via the IRS would overrule that mandate illegally and unconstitutionally. The Obama administration is trying to force all states to opt in to Obamacare via an IRS rule.

Obamacare (PPACA) does allow the federal government to set up exchanges where states do not but not with tax credits for people who buy insurance through a federal healthcare exchange. Exchanges are very expensive for taxpayers because in addition to tax credits, cost-sharing subsidies set in.

The rule is as follows: In late May the IRS finalized a rule that will issue tax credits—and therefore will trigger cost-sharing subsidies and employer-mandate penalties—through federal Exchanges, contrary to the clear and distinct language of the statute.

As a result, in addition to the tax credits and subsidies, the IRS/Obama administration claims that companies in states that opted out will still be liable for huge penalties per employee if they don’t opt into Obamacare. This is another attempt to force states to opt in.

Senator Johnson (R-WI) is attempting to have the rule overturned with a resolution submitted on July 31st.

His statement follows -

“In the face of the widespread rejection of Obamacare by the states, the White House is again trying to go beyond the law to implement its policies. There is no provision in Obamacare that allows the White House to extend costly tax credits to anyone other than those who buy care in the state-level exchanges. Nevertheless, the IRS is proposing to create a tax credit that may ultimately be ruled illegal.

“When the Democratic leadership pushed through Obamacare, Speaker Pelosi famously said Congress had to ‘pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.’ Democrats flatly denied that this was a federal takeover of health care. But now that it has been signed into law and the states are rejecting it, the White House is pushing through a regulation that has no legal basis, and which takes us down the path of a federal single-payer health care system run by bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

“Congress needs to step up to the plate and demand accountability. The resolution I introduced today would strike down this IRS regulation and prevent the White House from adding millions of more Americans to plans managed in Washington. The American people deserve certainty about the tax rules they are forced to comply with, as well as an honest estimate of the cost of Obamacare. And Democrats need to come clean about a law that they promised would improve the existing system, but which now seems intended to create a vast and powerful new federal health care bureaucracy.”

Read more at Ron Johnson website and Health Affairs

Obamacare is only the beginning of a big government we cannot afford.

We cannot keep stealing from our grandchildren and their children. We must leave this earth a better place than it was when we came.


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