Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The State Guarded Secret Which Makes You As Docile As A Lamb For The Slaughter

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Distracted by so many things in life most do not even consider breathing, eating or drinking water. Down the hatch and off we go. This common event is being exploited by those who know human beings are habitual. People never thinking twice about downing a cool glass of water after hard exercise or that overly salty piece of pizza. Dark scientists working in cooperation with your government have developed a medium of control never really considered by the common citizen. A look behind the scenes is a good start to unravel a guarded practice carried out now for years.

Many are told not to drink water from the tap because it is fluorinated. Fluoride was used on death camp inmates during the third Reich Nazi regime to make inmates unable to produce offspring and pacify them among other lethal effects. Fluoride we are told protects teeth when used in small safe quantities. Users not familiar with the fact are also not told that they are using a poison to clean their teeth. Water is treated with chlorine also to eliminate dangerous bacteria which grows in the water supply.

Community water supplies are sifted through sophisticated filtering systems separating urine and feces. Useable drinkable water now as highly cleansed water safe to drink. Many survivalists and boy-girl scouts are familiar with the tiny round chlorine tablets used to purify water in the rough from lakes and streams which could have questionable bacteria in them. House wives and husbands are familiar with radical flash floods hitting urban communities; rendering water supplies unsafe to drink. Instructions given by civil defense networks on how to clean water with emphasis on always keeping at least 50 gallons of useable non contaminated drinking water supplies stored in the house at all times.

Water water water; do this to water. Do not drink filtered water. Do drink filtered water. Drink ionized water. Ionized water will kill you if you drink too much of it. If you drink too much of any water that will kill you. You need to drink at least 8 tall glasses of water a day. No, forget it, new findings show if you eat plentiful amounts of fruit and veg you only need 3 tall glasses of water. My British colleague research counterparts have many arguments against the use of fluoride in water supplies which they have gladly shared with me along with their toothless British smiles. One colleague in the United States best friend died from drinking heavily chlorinated water constantly in the Portland metropolitan area. She drank it faithfully from mainstream advice specifying the drinking of lots and lots of water. She forgot to investigate before use into the heavy off the charts scale of chlorine pumped into that particular water supply. Excessive chlorine consumption a big component in the BIG C.

I can tell you EVERYONE has missed the plot.

Forget about the concept of cleaning the water you are about to drink. Leave all that old school nonsense way behind as it will not help you in the real world present time. That water you are about to drink is a suicide weapon. You are about to do yourself in by drinking that full glass of water. All your chemical treatment and loving gyrations cleansing with charcoal or other variations is superficial rubbish for all future times now. Come with me and look past what you know about consuming this liquid. To really survive you need to examine the hidden side and nature of water. Water is being used against you as it is a critical necessary commodity.

Things are being added to the water that dumb us down and make us sick and that is being done on purpose. Water will also soon be rationed and you won’t have a choice of the water you drink plus many of the chemicals being added cannot simply be filtered out. Fluoride, chlorine and other additives are making us sick, controlling our behavior, dumbing us down and even killing us.


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